I’m pickin, lovin’ and learning from the best at Camp Bluegrass! #pearlandthepolkadots #bluegrass #campbluegrass #pickers

He wasn’t born to rock and roll, but he sure can cook! #RolandWhite #CampBluegrass #MandoLegend

Chord chart in the jam room. Name that tune: #CampBluegrass #NameThatTune

I’m Willie excited about Camp Bluegrass in 144 HOURS! #pearlandthepolkadots #willienelson #campbluegrass

Camp Bluegrass was a great fest, it's awesome to see Mountain Ride run there own show. I really mean it when saying they run the show, the band themselves were working it all weekend and keeping everything rolling! I'm proud to have painted this band a good number of times this past year. I can honestly say they welcome me and my canvas at shows, and it feels good! I love the Ride they take us on during shows, easily one of the best up and coming Bluegrass bands. Everyone should see them live! Thank you Mountain Ride. "A Memory" 24"x36" acrylics on canvas Mountain Ride at Camp Bluegrass In Greencastle, PA on 6/9/2018

We’re still reeling from our past weekend on the road. We had such a great time, met some awesome people and played lots of tunes. We have a lot of people to thank for their hospitality, Dakota Karper and The River House staff in Capon Bridge for having us to their great venue, the Hampshire County Old-time folks for welcoming us to their Cabin Jam, Sam and Joe Herrmann for welcoming us to their beautiful home, way out in Critton Hollow and to Eric and Kate Avey and the rest of the Mountain Ride Family for having us on the bill at Camp was a great weekend. @dakota.karper @brianbellguitar @slar.sanswon @theriverhousewv @eric_avey @mountain_ride_bluegrass #campbluegrass #longpointstringband #lpsb #theriverhousewv #oldtimemusic #bluegrassmusic #bluegrassfestival

Yup, Yup, Mountain Ride! Riding the sun down at Camp Bluegrass!

"Camp Stragglers" Jakob's Ferry Stragglers at Camp Bluegrass in Greencastle, PA on 6/9/18 18"x24" acrylics on canvas ~SOLD~ (but thankfully I remembered to snap a picture of it before letting it go)

We are so grateful for the love and kindness each of these wonderful humans shared with us this weekend. The venue, the weather, the music are all vital aspects of Camp Bluegrass, but the individuals are what make it magical! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us for year 4. Please save the date for our 5th year, and spread the word. Let’s make 2019 the biggest and best Camp Bluegrass yet!❤️ • • 5th Annual Camp Bluegrass June 7-9, 2019 • • @mountain_ride_bluegrass🤘🏿 📷: @rustlefoto • • #wegrass #mountainridebluegrass #gethappy #morebanjo #campbluegrass