Oczywiście, że to #latergram Znalazłam dziś takie fotki w aparacie. Sprzed tygodnia. Ładne no, letnie takie. Tymczasem za oknem dość paskudnie, pozostaje jedynie liczyć, że kolejne piękne zachody słońca i wieczory pod gwiazdami wciąż przed nami 💕 #instamatki #instamatka #motherhood #moms #momswithcameras #momlife #momofthree #momof3 #motherofthree #summerfeeling #lato #summer #lovelifeoutside #childhoodunplugged #candidchildhood #walk #spacer #jezioro #lake

In between moments are the best . #dearphotographer

It is 🔥🔥🔥 this week. How are you staying cool? (I bet you can guess how these munchkins prefer to beat the heat!) . . . . . #summersun #sisters #icecreamlovers #iscreamforicecream #summer2018 #mommydaughterdate #oregoncoast #peoplescoast #summerfun #candidchildhood #momwithacamera #icecreamtime #beattheheat

S W E E T B A B Y . Hopefully we will look back on these sweet moments when she is 14 and be reminded to keep going and raise her right because she gave us these good days. God sure is good to us. @joeharch

The first time we posted a picture in this chair, we were announcing Charly’s hearing loss and our fear of the unknown (scroll to view the first photo and how tiny she was). Fast forward to today and this peanut is 3 weeks post-op, implanted, activated, and thriving! When we first posted a photo in this chair, we had never met a deaf person. Now we have a whole community of deaf friends who have helped us navigate this journey. When we posted the first photo, we knew no sign language. Now we know enough to communicate a bit and have encouraged other hearing friends to do the same. I look back at the first photo and see an unprepared and nervous mama and am so proud of the mama in today’s picture who is just proud and excited to be this special little girls mama! Thank you guys for loving our girls and supporting us in this journey! #darlingcharly #charlyshearingjourney #deaf #cochlearimplant #deafkidsrock . . . . . #candidchildhood #thehappynow #baby #mytinymoments #uniteinmotherhood #babyfever #letthembelittle #pendredsy drome #deafbaby #cochlearimplantjourney #darlingmovement #hearingaids #thatsdarling #momswithcameras #gerberbaby #totalcommunication #littleandbrave #asl #deafkidsrock #cutebaby #charysasljourney #justbaby #cochlear #cochlearimplants @cochlearamericas #asl @cochlear_global

Doesn’t get much more gorgeous than these two.

Instagram has become a bit of a place where you think before you post and only post what you feel looks good with the rest of your feed! Remember when your feed had a zillion colours and no theme just sharing the photos you loved? Remember when you reached 10 likes and thought yas double figure? Remember when you used an emoji as a caption rather than a picture always having some story behind it? These are all simple things that recently I forgotten all about! I fell in love with instagram because it was the stories the pictures told not the waffle people would write (on facebook) So yes i have waffled but i love this picture of Mylo and who cares if its dark and red the kid is f*cking cool

I tried thinking of a caption for this photo that really encompasses what this moment and these last few weeks have been for me. Trying, exhausting, growing, learning, loving, being, doing, giving.. I could go on. But her arms around me, their love surrounding me- they ground me.

As of lately 👉🏻You: seven months old, showing off your new trick– clapping, scooting all over the place every chance you get, finally enjoying solids, waking up in the middle of the night more than ever, nursing without any hurdles besides being a fidgety babe, loves bath time with big brother, always sticking your tongue out and smiling Me: soaking up every moment with two littles, worrying less about a clean house, learning to nap, love nursing you, in disbelief how big my kids are getting, wishing my family was closer, counting down to a girls weekend to see taylor swift in Miami and my first night away from my babies

We are all kids 🌺 Throwback to holiday which feels like a lifetime ago now... pretty much sums our kids up, the sensible older sister and the carefree strong willed little sister 💗 Wouldn’t have it any other way 😍