A beautifully presented Crab BLT from our visit to @thejackinthegreen last week. To read our full report on our visit, click on the link in our bio.

🍺Beer Battered Tilapia Sticks Crispy on the outside, soft and buttery fish on the inside. Ingredients: 4 pieces of Tilapia 1 1/2 Cups flour 1 Tbs garlic powder 1 Tbs onion powder About 1 Tsp kosher Salt (enough to make batter salty) 1 teaspoon black pepper 2 Tsp @TraderJoes onion salt (If you don’t have that, use dried chives + bit more salt) 1 bottle @redstripebeer Start with : Batter- 1 cup of flour (you’ll add more if batter is too thin) All your seasoning Combine everything well Slowly add your beer to your flour and mix it with a whisk or a fork. Fish- Take your fillets of fish and if your fish store hasn’t done yet- slice it down the center and remove that grey center line in the tilapia. Continue to cut tilapia into thick sticks (kinda like Fish sticks) Rinse and pat dry your fish really well. Season your fish with a bit of salt and pepper. Place all the cut up fish sticks into the batter and cover them all really well with the batter. Batter should resemble some what of a waffle batter (should drip off the spoon but still be somewhat thick ) Heat your pan. Add light olive oil to the pan- about an inch high. Once oil is really hot, add your fillets of fish, one at a time, making sure they don’t touch eachother: giving them space will allow making a good crust, if you put too close to each other and crowd the pan you will give it more of a steam effect. Flip fish once bottom has a light brown crust. Once both sides are fried nicely, place fried fish onto paper towel for a quick second so the extra oil is absorbed (don’t pat it too much you don’t want to lose the crunch.) Keep trying your fish in batches. Place fried fillets of fish on a plate and sprinkle some fine kosher salt over it. Serve with some lemon wedges and my spicy mayo . Spicy mayo: Mayonnaise Habanero sauce ( @TraderJoe’s) Rice vinegar Dried dill Salt & pepper Enjoy! ♥️ Alexsandra

🍓Backe, backe Kuchen 🍰 Wer hat Lust auf einen kleinen Kuchen zum Frühstück...? Nicht antworten, ist eine retorische Frage 😂Ich kenn doch meine #foodfamily ! . #bellasfutterlaune . 📝Rezept | 1 Portionen 🔹1 Ei 🔹35g Schmelzflocken 🔹80g Magerquark 🔹15g Gries 🔹1 Schuss Orangensaft (optional) 🔹1 Schuss Soyamilch 🔹5g Backpulver 1️⃣Alle Zutaten zu einem Teig verrühren. In eine Tasse fühlen und in der Mikrowelle bei 800 Watt 4-5min lang „backen“ lassen. . . ———————————————————- . 🙈Cake cake cake 🙌🏻 some quick and easy mugcake to start the day right? I am always in love with cake anyway 😝 And this one is done in under 5 minutes! Enjoy the recipe! . 📝Recipe| 1 Serving 🔹1 egg 🔹35g instant oats 🔹80g low fat curd 🔹15g semolina 🔹1 dash of orange juice 🔹1 dash of soy milk 🔹5g baking powder 1️⃣Mix everything in a bowl and fill it in a large cup. Bake it in the microwave for 4-5 minutes at 800 watt. . . . . #mugcake #cakecakecake #proteincake #highprotein #breakfastgoals #eeeeeats #healthyfood #gesundbacken #gesundundlecker #intuitiveeating #abnehmen2018 #rezept #fitfood #abgerechnetwirdamstrand #healthyeating #healthyfood #onthetable #heresmyfood #foodblogger_de #foodshare #f52grams #healthfood #foodblogliebe #foodisfuel #globyfood

My favorite food groups 😂

Es un Cupcake o un Helado 🍦?? 🤔

Such a P.R.C —> Pretty Red (Velvet) Cake 😏

When I grow up I’d like to have a cheese plate like this waiting for me every night after work, please. A little something from my kitchen table photo shoot- a demo of a recent #teambuilding cheese plate . . #cheese #cheeseplate #f52grams #italiancheese #americancheese #foodphotography #cheese #foodstyle #siliconvalley #redwoodcity #sfevents #sffood

Hat da jemand Party gesagt 🎉🎊 ja @marias.healthytreats und @primaskitchen feiern eine Dazu gibt es heut bei mir herzhafte Crepes mit allen möglichen Sachen drin 😍🤩 wünsch euch einen tollen Abend 😘 #mariastreats #primaskitchen #foodblogger #foodblogliebe #foodspiration #healthychoices #dinner #healthyfood #f52gramsfoodpic #f52grams #yummy #foodphotography

We’re taking this one to go!

Последняя черешня 🍒 в магазинах её больше не найти ❓