Smiling through the pain today. I spilled some chai latte on my keyboard at the cafe yesterday, and while it decided to work just fine after that... today there are several keys that aren't working 😢😢😢 I have a backup laptop, but for some reason it will only connect to Wi-Fi in very specific areas of the house... none of which make me feel particularly inspired. I realize that this is very "first world problem" but it still makes me really sad. I guess that's just how life goes though. Not gonna let this setback keep me from making progress on my book! What's your worst "technical glitch" story, and how did you deal with it? Also if you have any idea on how to fix a chromebook laptop keyboard after its been saturated with chai latte... PLEASE let me know!

Don’t be too on the nose with your dialogue. Let your characters dance around an issue rather than address it directly. Let your audience know what’s happening through subtext.

I look at my friend in that box, pale and unmoving. He is stiff, face puffy, the make up obvious. A human mannequin. This is not my friend. This is a thing. A peculiar feeling bubbles up in my gut, and my lip curls. I am angry. What did they do to my friend? He didn't deserve this. He deserved better. Man, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry your life didn't turn out better. I'm sorry I couldn't save you. And now you're here, in a wooden box, a plastic man. And I'm still here in this skin and this suit and I don't know how to feel. I look around and I see people quietly weeping, or contorting their faces into false masks of grief that they don't really feel. Most of these people don't really know you, and they certainly don't give a shit. Extended family, tangential relatives who married in. Nobody cares. You are a plastic obligation in a wooden box. Me? I'm not sad. I'm angry. Not with you, no not angry with you at all. I understand. Because it could just as easily be me in that ox. Plastic me in a wooden box in a room full of plastic people in cheap suits. They'll pat each other on the back and mutter "what a shame," before they get back in their Toyotas and minivans and drive home and watch TV. No my friend, I understand. I do. Because you're just like me, only more dead. We were both bleeding. Bleeding days. Bleeding pride. Bleeding dreams. Each year gone by, another gushing wound. The holes in our hearts we picked up along the way, they never heal. We bleed until there's nothing left, and then we break. And we're all just trying to stop the bleeding. With sex. With drink. With adrenaline. With money. With violence. We all want to staunch the flow. So yes, my friend, I understand. I'm not mad at you. In a lot of ways, I'm envious. You found your way. Maybe someday I’ll find mine. - A. Finn

So one night, about a year and half ago, while I was talking to my father, he said something that just pissed me off. Don’t ask my what it was, cause I don’t remember, but I started to tune him out, and created a world in my head. And Johanna, my first character, and in ways, a derivative of me, just appeared into my brain, fully formed. So I cut my dad off, and went to my room, and wrote everything in my head down, starting with Johanna. I stayed up until 3 am that night, and that was the start of it all. #thewallflowerbook #johannageller #novel #novelnotes #characterdesign #characterdevelopment #fiction #book #fictionwriting #novelwriting #writing #writersofinstagram #writers #writer #write #notes #insidescoop #writerscommunity #creativewriting #womenwritersofinstagram #womenwriters

Starting a new undertaking with yet another revision of "Augment"...but this time, it's more world building, the implementation of more ideas and characters...more scenes to flesh out character motivations and make them more engaging, all for the purpose of creating a sense of authenticity in the world and the characters. It's a pass that will hopefully not only enrich the story at present but will deepen "Augment" into the realm of mythology, which is territory I'm confident it can reach from the benefit of spending so much time with it. It's one thing to work on something for a year or two. This piece has been written, reexamined, revised and reevaluated for eight and working at it for that long is something you can't just fake. New scenes and ideas are in bold, weaved through the material that's already there. #creativewriting #fiction #fictionwriting #sciencefiction #scenebreakdown #actbreakdown #revision #reevaluation #workisneverdone

Writers, here's your weekly writing prompt! Get your pens (or your thumbs) ready and give it a go for five minutes--that's all I ask. Will you write today? --- --- --- Today's prompt is from the creative writing workbook series "Ready, Set, Write". Each workbook provides 90 days of writing exercises to get you out of your creative rut and into a daily writing habit. Level 1 available now via the link in my profile!

Avoiding dialogue dilemmas: learning to punctuate dialogue. Tip 5 of 6. . Use an ellipsis (…) for trailing-off sentences, but omit the 4th full stop: . ✅ ‘I really can’t think of…’ . ❌ ‘Wait! I need to… .’ . . One in my TBR pile: Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. Loving the red page edges! . . . . #writingtips #writersofinstagram #writerscommunity #writerscorner #editingtips #writingcommunity #writingcommunityofinstagram #fictioneditor #amwriting #amwritingfantasy #amwritingromance #fictionwriter #fictionwriting #writingdialogue #bookphotography #bookshelf #indieauthor #aspiringauthor #selfpublishing #editinghelp #refinefiction

WRITERS (serious about growth)! This program was created and will be ran by my former editor who is mega talented and taught me SO much. There are several scholarships available for marginalized writers. Please spread the word! 📚📝💻✏️📖 #Repost @katebrauning ・・・ I am absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of a project I have spent all year developing- the Breakthrough Writers Boot Camp! It's a professional development program for experienced writers with a flexible, monthly subscription model. Link in bio or! . . . #writersofinstagram #writing #writer #authorsofinstagram #author #fiction