Lord I'm not complaining but why did you decide to give me this bozo the clown looking hair lolololol. Did you not think I would appreciate the straight and silky?! Happy Saturday!! More of me on ---> #transformationaltalk #financialfreedom #accountabilitycoach #virtualassistant #financialindependence #asseenincolumbus #cbuspride

@bkfuniversity Shots fired! Love it. 🤣 Focus on getting your budget and your spending and your debt repayment right and your credit will be fixed along the way if that’s what you want. If you’re out there trying to ‘fix’ your credit without fixing your habits first? That’s going to be trouble!

Packed room to hear from the best in the business and soon to be SVP Michael Crowder!! #headquarters #residualincome #financialfreedom #eliminatebills #planb #teamfortitude

Oh what a great day I had with these phenomenal people. Rubbing shoulders with some movers and shakers in their different fields. #bosslady #freefmcar #businesslady #residualincome #financialfreedom #fmgroup #upwardsandonwards #verygrateful

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Chincoteague Virginia is known for a lot of cool things, like it's abundance of wildlife, its ponies, the quaint little town. It is also known for some not so good things....the mosquitoes. This little town lays right on the marsh and is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Thankfully, this bottle was an absolute life saver this week. I came home today with the least amount of bites I have ever had here (only because sometimes I forgot to put the bug repellent on....whoops!) The best bug spray I have ever used by far, I'm honestly amazed. . . Young Living saved the day...once again🌿

🔥🔥 Credit Tip🔥🔥 🗣🗣 Paying off your collections is a personal decision and a complete waste of money! Your credit score will not improve and they won’t even delete it off of your credit report! If you’d like information on how to get collections off of your credit report comment or message me “I DO”.

A mood 😂😂 I see this too often. This is why I do what I do!! #GetItWhileUrYoung

Ain’t that the truth. 😭 We can do better!! ♥️ The next time I see someone donating money to make a celebrity a billionaire I’m going to lose my mind.