What’s better than a good book and a beautiful weather? ❤️ Always always keep a book with you so, when you’re tired at work, make your bond with the computer a little loose, go out under the open sky, read a good book and cherish the nature and that precious time you have with yourself. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #globalagecaption #photographer #writersofinstagram #writer #photooftheday #photographycommunity #pictures #karachi #pakistan #pakistanibloggers #blogger #fashionblogger #art #artistsoninstagram #writerscommunity #amateurphotography #hijabfashion #poetrycommunity #poetry #poetryslam #poetess #pakistanipoets #bluecommunity #writerscommunity #vsco #poetry #book #bookstagram #poem #globalpoetcult #journal #daniellesteel

🌓 I look in what they can’t see/I’ll never be what they want me to be/ for growth ,I’ve been yearning / but I’m catching on quickly, I’m learning/ I’ve been grounded for so long/ not knowing where I belong/ but I still stand strong/ cause I’ve been fighting for so long/ broken legs and kicked down to my knees/ shouting to the sky,let it pass, god please / & here I am, where I thought I’d never be/ a reflection of a mastery/ through this glass mirror is an open door/ say hello to a winner of war. -Ahna #poetry #growth #poems #poets #writers #reflect #mirrorimage #poetrycommunity #poetryofinstagram #words #poempic #frequency #imnotcomingdown #poetryisnotdead #poetrylovers #mywork #myart #mybeginning #thecultuvatedfool #globalpoetcult

Be it those "Three and a Half Minutes" or my life span that ticks by, I'll listen to you just the way you listen to the wind that blows by. You talk about how imperfect you think you are, until you run out of words to say and breathe to breath. And at that moment, I speak my heart. I speak how beautiful you always have been, and how admirable you are. I speak about how that coffee brown hair and that cologne is perfect to wake up to, and how those hands are perfect to hold when the one can't breathe or, just needs to make sure you don't run into every book store we walk past by. I still do. And I find it amusing how there is always something left to compliment about you, to tell you that it is so perfect to be. I have always told you about how they all lacked courage and made you feel what you never can be, and you don't believe me on that. Do you? You have been telling me that love isn't important and how all that sedimentation has made you shallow and you know that whenever you say so, I break a little bit inside. As these "Three and a Half Minutes" come to an end by the clock, I wish that someday you are able to feel what the warmth of your fingers around mine did to me, what those big brown eyes made me feel when I look into them with so much patience that they grab me. I wish to make you feel what you make me feel, when you smile at me, like you have always known I won't open my fingers and let yours slip away like those grains of sand did, in the Hourglass. But then I wonder, did you? Please won't stop wondering, until one day, you find it out. So that both of us, can know, if you always knew, that if these "Three and a Half Minutes" were perfect for both of us.

- Unruly and disorderly thoughts plague my conscious a love now foreign to me heartbreak I don’t want this Disappointments I could’ve avoided had I listened to my brain instead of this pulsing organ That now only beats out of spite pumping blood to purge you from its arteries A part of me Still feels you but this amputation was necessary I was carrying around dead weight that was ultimately cutting off my circulation so I had to choose Save my own life or forever be haunted by phantom pain filled with memories of you... -K. Sa’Rese _______________________________ #poetsofig #enchanted_poetry #poetsofcolor #artlixirpoetry #inkkandquill #mentalhealthawareness #blackpoetcollective #bleedingsoulpoetry #thewritersdiscovery #PTWpoetry #upallnightpoetry #herwordisgold #engravedinink #spilledinkpoetry #silverleafpoetry #veinheartartisans #Heartwrds #herheartpoetry #inkedsociety #wordswithqueens #unionofpoets #heartofpoets #untwineme #writers_den_ #theliteralscript #poetslist #globalpoetcult

Momentary change of pace

I wasn't sure what "Kristos" would accomplish when i started it on instagram but over the months, i've received so many beautiful and kind messages from you all that id like to share with you a bit of my personal life. In this picture, i'm on the right while my love is on the left. She celebrates life every day and brings joy to everyone around her. One day, in a coffee shop with free time and idle hands, I wanted to give her a gift as a "thank you" for being you. With no idea what to do, I thought id write a love poem so she could see what i felt on paper. I've never written at that time and wasn't sure what to do so i just wrote everything i loved about her. It didn't take long before i was in tears and hid my face from everyone in the coffee shop. Never would i have considered myself "artistic" in any way until i felt so much emotional power and now she is my love and artistic inspiration. Kristos is a two person team, the man and the woman, the poet and the poem. Without her there is no beauty in words, but with her, there's art in everything. I hope that Kristos can be the voice for those who can't seem to find the right words for their own love. As always, thank you for reading and i love you all. The best is yet to come.

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