Finally tried some @eat_oumph pulled oumph and it was so good, I had to write a blog post on it! 🤗💖 made these #vegan and #glutenfree tacos today and they were deeeelish! 😁 go check out my blog post! Link in bio! 💚

Thought I might as well share another Wagon Wheel shot because why not!? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Can’t believe the response on my last post, it seems there are some Wagon Wheel fans in the house! I’ve still got a load in my fridge haha 🙈 Recipe for these gluten free beauties is in my bio! Still deciding what to make next! 💛 #theglutenfreeblogger

Want a perfect summer treat? We have coconut cream tarts in stock today! Always available by special order in pie or tart form. #yummy #summertimetreats #coconutcreampie #vegansofig #glutenfreelife #alwaysnutfree #ottawa #wellingtonwest

Tried the @caesars_kitchen gluten-free manicotti this past weekend. Have you had them before? . #glutenfree #glutenfreefood #glutenfreeblogger #glutenfreelife #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreeMichigan #celiac #whatceliacseat #celiacadvocat

Pre gym snacking today - @skinnycaffe vanilla coffee, @fibreoneuk lemon drizzle bar (4 syns) and an apple (speed) ☕️🍏🍋

Edible Cookie Dough made 4 different ways! We also have a way to make sure those pesky fears of eating raw flour are totally out of question. Meaning we get to eat MORE COOKIE DOUGH! - Find full recipe by clicking the link in the bio OR - #glutenfreefood #glutenfreerecipes #bhgfood #healthydinner #healthylunch #buzzfeedfood #glutenfreeliving #glutenfreelife #glutenfreefollowme #gfree #nogluten #huffposttaste #wheatfree #dairyfreerecipes #todayfoodclub #healthyrecipes #thefeedfeed #tipsgroup #thekitchn #healthyfoodshare #ontheblog #realfood #recipeideas #damnthatsdelish #bhgfood

Looking for delicious Italian food in Houston? 🍝 Auntie Pasto’s has gluten free penne pasta that can be substituted in any dish! Pictured is the Alfredo Pasta. It was SO GOOD. 😋 And they treated my allergy seriously! 🙏 Bonus that there’s enough left over for another meal! 🎉 #glutenfreefortworth #glutenfreehouston #gluenfree #gfree #glutenfreelife #glutenfreeliving #celiac #celiaclife #celiacdisease #whatceliacseat #glutenfreeitalian #glutenfreepasta #houston #htown #bellaire #houstoneats #auntiepastos #delicious

Ada's first birthday party will be here before I know it, so I. am mixing up a double batch of @testkitchen 's gluten free flour blend. This will make lots of pizzas, but more importantly, caaaake. mmm....🍕🍕🍕🎂🎂🎂🎂 #glutenfree #glutenfreelife

Love that the courgettes given to us by our neighbour look like stars when chopped! It’s the small things #needtogetoutmore

Dinner tonight is veggie chilli con carne! So delicious, filling and made with carrots, black beans and kidney beans! Literally just fry onion and garlic and then add in 3 grated carrots, a little bit of water, chopped tomatoes or passata and your beans. Heat and add in a gluten free chilli con carne spice mix (the gluten free ones are great!) simmer and serve! I prefer this method to minced beef 😊 I batch cook this and freeze it and it’s great for when I get back from work late.

Gorgeous lunch with gorgeous girls!

Buenaas, hoy les traigo esta receta para preparar esta torta de mandarina gluten free. Ingredientes: * 4 mandarinas * 3 huevos * 180 cc de aceite * 300 gr de azúcar * 220 gr de premezcla * 40 gr de trigo sarraceno * 2 cucharadas de polvo para hornear * 1 cucharada de goma xantica 🔸Empezamos por licuar 2 de las mandarinas enteras y las otras 2 sólo su jugo. Luego incorporamos el aceite y los huevos. Por último el azúcar. Mezclamos todos los ingredientes secos y lo incorporamos a lo procesado. Lo llevamos a un horno fuerte por 45 minutos aproximadamente y lo podemos bañar con un glase de azucar impalpable y jugo de mandarina. 😊😊 #libredeglutenargentina #libredegluten #sintaccargentina #sintacc #sintacc #singlutenargentina #singlutenporfavor #singluten #glutenfree #glutenfreelife #glutenfreefood

Having these gluten free haddock goujons for tea tonight from @tescofood 😍🐟 Gluten free, dairy free and no onion or garlic 👌🏻 (they haven’t expired - they came out of the freezer 😂) Got a big question for you today: what’s your best tip for saving money on a free from diet? 🤔 💰 We all know that it blatantly costs a lot more than a regular diet, so how do you save your pennies? . I guess my biggest tip is to shop around a bit at first 🛒 I’ve personally found the same products at different prices in different supermarkets, so it’s always good to know where stocks your fave products cheaper! Also, Tesco have a lot of gluten free products (clearly labelled too) outside of the free from aisle which are normal price - like their fresh ravioli, crumbed ham etc 💷 Hopefully that helps to save you a few quid here and there! . Thanks to everyone for supporting my takeover of the @nairnsoatcakes Instagram yesterday 💕 Don’t forget that the competition is still going so check back a couple of posts if you want to win a whoooole bunch of gluten free Nairn’s goodies! 👌🏻

Omg my arms are dead. But loved today's lifting workout, no hiit today. Day 2 is done! 💪😘