★ You are my sunshine. 💛 ★ ★

Nala I miss you so much honey💓. You were such beautiful guinea pig. In this photo you were pregnant. You gave birth to 4 beautiful piggies (Porune, Bjorn, Cavi, Bruchto) and you lived in the end of your life with your beautiful and very good daughter Porune. Unfortunetly Porune didn’t have too much luck like you and she didn’t get chance to have babies. She went to her babies in the heaven. And you just couldn’t stand that and you went to heaven too. I miss you my lovely piggies💔. You were my children , parts of my heart. Now I have to let you go. #guineapiggy #guineapigsofig #skinnyguineapig #guineapigs #guinealife #skinnypigsofinstagram #skinnyguineapigs #guinea_pig #guineapigsofig #guineapiglove #guineapigsof_ig #guineapiglover #podestylkyasan

Ladies and Gentlemen 🐹🐹🐹🐹 The Guinea Collected 🐹🐹🐹🐹 Summer 2018.

Любимая еда Юки это-салатик.🐹🥗