[Please take the time to read this,it would mean a lot to me.] Today a girl from my class said she doesn't support gays.She said that because I talked about the lgbt community and how important this community is,I thought they feel the same way buuut...she said it's because of her religion,she said her god taught her to love the different gender than she is herself,she said god created to different ones for the love.After that she said she doesn't has something against gay people,but she just doesn't accept it.Well,I guess that's almost the same and I feel so bad now,since I know I've spent so much time with such a person.I couldn't hide it and told her that everyone is free here in Germany to love whoever they want to,they've the right.Everyone should be treated equal so I didn't said shut the fuck up, even though I thought it,it's not only a different opinion,it's the direspect to other people.I for example don't believe in god and even she's religious, it doesn't mean she has the right to discriminate other people's sexuality.If her good tought her to be a good person,she shouldn't treat other people who did nothing at all wrong like a piece of shit.Last year the government made it gay marriage legal and so many people still don't accept.It's sad that it became legal this late,everyone who had to hide his love has my heart,I'm so sad for the and I'm sad that we still live in a world,where people don't appreciate others.💐 • @harrystyles • #harrystyles #harrystylesliveontour #harry #styles #treatpeoplethkindness #tpwk #harold #signofthetimes #love #harrystylesupdates #harryedwardstyles #lgbt #loveislove

Dream team, Alessandro Michele with Harry

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