#NEW | Harry with Alessandro Michele! - lallo25: “sciogliere il nodo/untangle the knot”

we love a woke king 👑

always & forever

i think @onedirection is trying to kill me. IS ANYTHING GOING TO HAPPEN OR IS THIS IT

currently crying

big love

this is so funny

@bbcradio1 : 🎶 How many nights does it take to count the stars? 🎶 Feels like a good day to watch @OneDirection performing Infinity in the Live Lounge ❤️ #8YearsOfOneDirection

@_charlesjeffrey : 60 LOCATIONS 60 LOOKS SUE DRESSED IN LOVERBOY 4 TIMES.... MANHEIM DUBLIN TOKYO SACREMENTO BIG THANKS TO @harry_lambert And my Studio team for making this happen, super cute to see all the love and appreciation from his fans your such a dedicated bunch! @harrystyles wears Appleyard Jumpsuit in Sacramento, photo @helenepambrun.photography Thanks to @styleslookbook for the help!!

hi, i miss you.

#8yearsofonedirection I‘m just so proud of these babies❤️ I’ve been a fan for 7 years now and it’s been a crazy ride but I love it, I love them and I love our fandom❤️

he can't be a human!!! who are we kidding??? what the actual fuck???

im still awake i h8 myself 3:30 am ; monday