cant believe it's been 8 years :') honestly dont have much to say buuuut i love 1d

COMMENT on this if you will always be there for them. #8YearsOfOneDirection

happy 8 years my lives I can’t explain all that you’ve done for me @onedirection 💛💛

lallo25: “sciogliere il nodo/untangle the knot”

“My brothers” wow I’m crying and waiting for Harry’s tweet

#NEW | Harry with Alessandro Michele! - lallo25: “sciogliere il nodo/untangle the knot”

i remember when this happened LEGENDS SUPPORTING LEGENDS💘💘 - claire


i thought they were part of big time rush LOL guess i was wrong

he's so cute

#8yearsofonedirection I’m an emotional mess. We need the Infinity music video todaY