Louis and liam tweeted about the 1d annervuarasy. If harry tweets ab it we know som about to happen #harryedwardstyles #harrystyles #harold #hazzastyles #hazzabear #hazzalovesboobear #louistomlinson #imadirectioner dead

~ 8 years of One Direction. (Part 2.)

~ In which country do you live rn?

Who knows what is happening?!?!? Will they release the Infinity MV who knows

This picture killed me. Goodnight

Harry on stage is the best thing ever. He’s a kinky little hoe

Guess what... I’m back from my little camping trip. I missed you guys so much. My account is literally one of my principal source of happiness. I’m such a weirdo I know

Me when I saw that 1D tweeted even tho like I said earlier I’m sure it’s nothing. Happy 8 Years of one direction! You guys ruined my life but I love you all so much. I still follow all the boy’s solo career and I’m so proud of them. I miss the boys together tho

There are unreleased song....and I have no clue what to do with this information

I don’t think 1D are coming back soon. Maybe in 2020 or something but clearly not now. Niall is on tour , Liam’s album is coming out in September , Louis will probably release new music soon+ he’s an xfactor judge and Harry’s contract as like 2 or 3 albums in it. I really want them to come back too but let’s be honest the boy are happier right now. I don’t think they’re ready to come back but of course if they do I’ll be the happiest girl in Canada😂

~ He lost his shit completely.