i’m gonna try to continue the theme lol. posts are gonna be a little spaced out though πŸ˜‚ β€’ β€’ β€’ Harry Styles // Live On Tour Night 2 // Paris, France // 3.13.18

off to go see @captainbatderp play lacrosse today. I think yellow may be my new favourite. πŸ’«

"If you bought it or not, if you have listened and you liked it or did not like it, I do not care, I like it. If you know the words, sing this one with me. This is for everyone who needs it tonight. This is Sign Of The Times."

The Chain cover. The audio is so bad but this is seriously one of my favorite covers as well. Sacramento 7/9/18 #hslot2 #hslot18 #golden1center #sacramento #harrystyles