I build my sweetheart a thousand castleseach one was build from love and gold But soon she felt the castles as cages Like the wind, her heart could not be hold She needs space, i thought So I build her a dessert steppe To whirl with passion and dance with the moon She needs beauty, I thought So I planted her a garden Where she could smell the peonies in June No matter what I made for her Her joy would not stay long “It’s perfect but I am not happy here I can’t tell you what is wrong” Though we love each other deeply There was nothing I could do But watch her drift away from me Until I realized this was not really true What I can lose, I never hadmy hard work just to please you, only makes you sad If i stand alone Without a need for you You are free to love me But I don’t need you to

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Ego mind is a beautiful droplet of The Divine. Loving the ego is loving one of God’s infinite expressions. But if you wish to experience the Source of all these droplets & rivers, That lackluster love must be swallowed & drown in the Eternal Ocean beyond & w/in your very being.

that time outside the school library when you finally looked at me, but in such a way as to let me know I wasn't really there so I folded up my paper heart and walked away with this town's thin rain and blanket despair

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