نشریه برهان با آثار و نوشتاری از علیرضا فروغی فرد نازنین فقری لیلا ایرانمنش عبدالرحیم عبدالکریمی و.... بر روی دکه ها قرار گرفت

Wer den Wert glücklicher Augenblicke zu schätzen weiß, sammelt Schätze für's Leben... In diesem Sinne wünsche ich euch einen schönen Sonntagnachmittag. #köln #stadtamrhein #stadtmitherz #cologne #großstmartin #instacologne #instapic #picoftheday #instafollower #instamessage

F R I E N D S H I P 🎉 ____________________ Few people look back at their lives and think: ‘I spent too much time with my friends, with the people I love’. In our privileged but often hectic urban lives, it’s easy to become isolated and lonely, or getting too tied up in routines, jobs, technology and stress. ‘There’s no time’, or ‘I’m too tired’. In much of the developing world, friendships and family bonds often seem to take on a much more central role in society. People chat (and gossip!) non-stop, whether it’s with a person with whom they work every day or with a stranger on the bus. It is of course a gross simplification to say that when you don’t live with an abundance of material wealth, what you have - people - takes on a bigger role. Or that it’s a question of urban vs rural. But whatever the case might be, we can certainly learn from societies where talking to strangers and spending time with friends is as important as checking emails or watching Netflix. I think we instinctively know this as children - children everywhere tend to value friends higher than toys, after all - but forget (or are taught differently) as we grow up. Here in Mainz, we’ve been making a conscious effort to talk to people we don’t know - at the gym, neighbors, in the supermarkets, on the bus - and it’s such a rewarding thing to do. Most of the time we’re not even seen as complete weirdos...😉😂 While it’s important to work for the future, it’s equally important to enjoy the present. So: greetings from the beach! 🏖 . . . . . . . . . . . #friendsmatter #peoplematter #friendship #qualitytime #dontwasteyourlife #malawi #warmheartofafrica #african_portraits #africanportraits #instamessage #helpthyneighbor #smilemore #mainz #mainzstrand

Raccontarti che la natura è stupenda non ha prezzo 😍 Spiegarti che il mare è un mistero infinito è stupefacente 🤔 Il sub che sta pescando tra le roccie e sorprendente per te 😁 Poi ci sono le farfalle che ci volano vicine e tu le ammiri stupefatta.. È colpa della maglietta gialla che le attira 😂 Il mio SOGNO 😎: Poterti spiegare le meraviglie del Mondo nel Mondo 🌐 👉perchè una cosa è leggerlo nei libri di geografia 👉una cosa è viverla nel luogo del Mondo 🌍 Ti amo amore di papà 😍❤️ Buona domenica bella gente #qualitytime #familytime #vivilavitacheami

Saatlar topdan qiymete bizde istiyen alib sata biler 9azn #reports #qizlargramm #instamessage