why does he do shit like this? what does he gain???

Yoongi : Im dor- Me :

truly angel i love him sm uwu 👶🏻🖇💗🍥

fuck, i’m bad at expressing my feelings. this might come off as cringy. people ask me i love this man, & tbh i can talk to them about it all day and night, but one thing i love is his pure heart. he has one of the purest heart i’ve ever seen & i just love it. from the way he treats his pet (or any other animal), the members, his family & his fans, you can tell he is just so so pure. he keeps in touch with his family everytime, he takes care of pets or any kind of animal with the uttermost care, not hurting even a mosquito, LITERALLY. one time, on his birthday, he got cake & didnt eat it by himself but immediately shared it amongst the group he treat his fans like they’re his family, his bestfriends. he’s not scared to show who he truly am in camera. he’s not scared to take funny pictures of himself & share it to the world bc he knows that everyone will love him for who he is. the amount of respect i have for him is just immeasurable, i respect him sm, not only that, but i trust him, i trust him with all my heart. in a sense of a way, i purple him. he taught me how to fly higher & higher, he taught me to never give up on my dreams. he’s an inspiration to many. people ask me if i want to marry him, & my answer is actually? no. i feel like he deserves so much more better than me. i really don’t deserve him, him being in my life like this is already enough for me. he deserves so so much better, he deserves the world, the universe actually. i purple him so much. -callie💓 #callie2taehyung💌

Este edit lo hice yo espero que les guste #jikook

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Its my morning routine

i know i said that i dont mind going to school for those last two weeks but i ACTUALLY DO MIND and im tired and i just dont see the point in going to this shithole, we dont even have proper class anymore so just let us stay home

SO CUTE..💗😭💛 ✨🐰💙🐥💫🐾 . . . #jikook #kookmin #jungkook #jimin #bts #jikookchimchu