We are looking for 10 couples to take on this eight week program with us!! You will need to commit to working out 4 times a week, 30-40 minutes a day, for eight weeks, all in the convenience of your home. You follow a meal plan that allows you a cheat day 🍺,wine.. but also y’all still got to eat your veggies and your proteins and all your fruit.. All you gotta do is get rid of your excuses and just go for it! When you commit to this challenge, you will receive... Full access to all of our workouts for an entire year, that’s over 700 workouts!! Easy meal plans to follow and step by step help on even meal prepping. Access to healthy recipes A 30 day supple of shakeo ( meal replacement shake) or you can choose the other option, recover formula (post workout) and pre workout! So if you want to get real results without leaving your home or dieting and depriving yourself, then this is for you! So let’s do this together y’all!! Let’s loose 5-15lbs in 8 weeks! Comment below with an emoji if your ready to commit! #justgoforit #husbandandwife #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #comejoinus #oklahoma #countryboy #tulsaoklahoma

//Feeling Good///💃 . How often could you honestly say you feel good?! . Like truely feel good from the inside & out... in a holisitc aspect ?🖤😍💯 . 🗝Did you know your emotions are literally your GPS system telling you whether you're on the right track to manifesting your desires. . 🗝For example when we injure ourselves like something simple... when we get a paper cut or stub your toe. The pain is simply your bodies way of saying "don't do that again" to protect you from injury. . 🗝Likewise when you do something that makes you feel icky or low vibe... that isn't the way to do what your highest calling is.... it's also not the pathway to manifesting your goals & dreams. . So the key 🗝🗝.... yeap is to follow exactly what FEELS GOOD FOR YOU!! . if you follow that one rule... I promise you. You will always live your dreams & following your heart is the only way🖤 . #MBSCOLLECTIVE #bossbabe #girlonamission #mindset #mind #body #soul #happiness #balance #wellness #holistic #health #lovelife #justgoforit #followyourheart #makeyourlifeYOURLIFE #innerhealth #mindofmatter #healthfreak #wellnesslover #positivevibes #duality #listentoyourbody

Do you ever take the time to do things, just for the sake that they will make you better? Last week I got to hang out with a group of girls from my coaching team, including this beauty! We listened to @loriharder talk about creating tribes👭🏼 & all the things we tend to do as women to prevent ourselves from doing that. We had dinner on a patio beforehand, sipped wine🍷 & cocktails, & talked about our goals & fun things happening in our lives It was a fun night where we got to talk about the things that make us better. We didn't chat about "the weather" or "what are you doing this weekend?" like you would with your typical "coworkers". We talked about REAL things - what we're doing to make our souls happy💫, how we're pursuing things we love, & how we're building others up to be better too We all went because we WANTED to. We wanted to take the time to make ourselves better with some live PD & positively surrounding ourselves with others who want that too✌🏻. And this coming weekend we get to do it all again on a whole other level🙌🏼 Every year we have the opportunity to go to a coaching summit. I earned a free ticket for 2019 after working hard through my first few months of coaching, but I didn't know if I would be able to swing going this year. I went back & forth a lot, but finally decided to just GO 👏🏻FOR 👏🏻IT So this Thursday I'm headed on a plan to Indy✈, where I'll get to hang out with over 40 girls from our own team (only a handful that I'vepreviosuly met in person), plus 20k+ from other teams who are all there for the sake of making themselves & others better I don't know what to expect🤷🏼‍♀️. I already feel overwhelmed & excited all at once. But if I've learned anything, sometimes you just have to tell yourself to go for it & enjoy the ride. Fear is good, remember? See you on Thursday, Indy🤘🏻

Kid stuck it out. @srotberg15 Surfed his first. 🤙🇨🇷🌊🏄🏻‍♂️ #puravida #costarica #surf #justgoforit

“Often times being curious means trying out new things be it learning a new language, meeting new people and anything else. It could mean experiencing a whole range of new or unfamiliar emotions. If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it probably means you should do it. I’m all for being excited, but I believe you should never let the feeling of fear hold you back. Fear should not rule your life. Do something that scares you and excites you! Learn from your mistakes and you will become unstoppable. There are more and more people who are waking up. You can change your circumstances, follow your heart and become who you want to become.  It takes a certain amount of bravery. But there is nothing worse than regret. So write down your dreams, goals and what life you truly desire, and take action.” ~J. Martin - - - - - - - - - - - - - #littlereminders #justgoforit #adventure #keystosuccess #learnfromyourpast #conquerfromwithin #takeaction #becomeabetteryou #perseverance #determination #discoveryou #unstoppable #pursueyourpassion #followyourownpath #livewithintention #livewithpurpose #gratitudejournal #personalgrowth #dailyaffirmation

Yo! hello there #yo!hellothere . . . . If you are almost 50 or just in your 30s or in your 60's...you just lived half of your life dreaming away . . If you want it, ask about it...go for it... . Always easier said then done but in the end, only you have the answers and you have already have what it takes within you . . . Look at me...never ever thought to be a yoga teacher later in life and I love it and still learning everyday! My mind/ body shrinks/tighten = more stress when I don't stretch and grow. . . My new project ...Teehee...Yes! Integrating my yoga practice into person training! Life is always a work in progress. Follow me as I progress to use my yoga breath practice to help support it in the personal training world. (Check me at Genesis Health in Overland Park) . . . . Just go for it! Don't be 100 years to enjoy relaxing by the tree (you never planted!)when you can just plant any seeds! and watch it grow through the years! . . . . Just a gal from Oklahoma City living in Kansas and living out her passions! . . #yo! #yo!hellothere 🙋‍♀️

Do you LOVE to travel and learn about the world? Then become a Travel Agent! Visit my website: http://vacationsbyshelly.traverusglobal.com #VACATIONSbyShelly #Timeismoney #justgoforit

#justgoforit time waits for no one ♥️🙌🏻

My vegetable garden is coming along! The garden is partially weeded and I’m covered in dirt from head to toe! LOL 😂 - I hope these veggies are worth it 🥒🥕🥦🙌🏼 . . . . . . #veggiegarden #dayinthesun #hotouthere #firsttimegardener #summervibesonly

We took #sweatingforthewedding to a whole new level. ☀️✌🏻💦💗 . . . #teamsweatylovelylife #happilyeverarner #homeworkoutsrock

But what if it does....