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Idk 🤷🏽‍♀️ there’s just something about morning coffee & running errands that makes me feel accomplished 🙌🏽 ☕️ Happy Thursday 💕 #fitMINDbodysoulchallenge #keto #ketocoffee #ketofriendly #skinnycoffee #awesomeness

#ketocoffee review time! I tried this even though I'm not a coffee drinker. If you just add the powder to water, it's needs sweetened for me. But I'm not a coffee drinker. So that makes sense. But once I added some stevia and Erythritol to's GOOD! It's creamy and good. I could drink it every day! It's not the cheapest coffee, BUT .. it already has grass fed butter and mct oil added to it! So no need to go buy those things now. And it's non gmo and also soy free. 😊 so I give this a 5 star rating!! ❤ #juliewjourney #keto #ketolifestyle #ketosis #fatfueled #ketonesforfuel

☝️have you ever seen my ORIGINAL before and after pic results from the wraps? IF YOU HAVEN’T....😱 you need to, because they are the ONLY reason I got into this business SIX YEARS AGO and I’m still in it to this day. . I WAS A CUSTOMER☝️FIRST. . but if you haven’t seen them before? (and I have MANY because I documented EVERYTHING) I wanted to make sure that all the fuss over this weird piece of paper thing causing bellies to shrink in hours was actually real. cause hello -✋don’t be wasting my money, thanks. 😂 - but newsflash❗️❗️IT WAS REAL, and I’m thankful every day that I took five seconds to photo document everything! . hit me up ASAP!

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Good morning!!🌞🌞 who doesn't like coffee?? Specially if it puts your body in fat burning mode right!💖 well let me tell you that my keto coffee increases tour body's ketone production & puts your body in fat burning mode🏃‍♀️, gives you energy, makes you feel focused all day😀, & NO JITTERS!!!💚 NO GMOs plant based coffee 🍃 I will be giving 40% off to the next 5 people that comment below⤵️ • • • #ketodiet #keto #ketocoffee #plantbased #nongmo #allnatural #coffee #morning

For the past week or two I've been walking barefoot out to our garden almost every day (when it's not raining of course) and immediately feel at ease when I do so. According to @autumnelle_nutrition the proof is in the pudding! Baring my foot soles on the naked ground releases those positive ions that contribute to stress and anxiety 🧘‍♂️ I definitely remember learning about grounding in science class back in the day but now I appreciate it even more. If only I could work barefoot outside every day! Today I also walked for a good 10 minutes and then ran for 20 minutes, for a total of 2.5 miles for day 27 of #lg30x30 It felt so great to begin my day with a walk to bring down those cortisol levels prior to running. I wasn't as awake as I'd have liked to be because I didn't have my #ketocoffee until after my run, so my pace was an 11 minute mile. But that froth was great motivation and I saw 13 deer! Cheers to a wonderful Thursday from my mug to yours ☕ Oh and btw, I don't run or walk with any headphones or other devices other than my phone to track my activity. I appreciate the natural sounds of my neighborhood and the sound of my soles hitting the pavement. It helps me to connect more with my body and mind 🙏 #intermittentfasting #healthymind #healthylifestyle #aspiringnutritionist #foodforlife #nodietingforme #lg30x30 #tiudoeslg #tiuscientist #tiucommunity @laurengleisberg

Hi guys !! This is the labels for the #starbucks #blondeblend and #heavycream that I use for my coffee. I wanted to add this so you could see the amount of #carbs in it. #keto #ketomom #ketofood #ketocoffee #ketodiet #ketorecipes #ketobreakfast #lchfdiet #coffee #monkfruitsweetener

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Anytime is a good time for a coffee break 🌸🌼☕️ #ketocoffee #ketoweightloss #sogood #healthyliving