After 300 miles of walking and running Italy, it’s time to look ahead and take a further step towards a brighter future 🔜 #thankyousister #change #mind #thoughts #goahead #leavebehind #thefutureisbright #letitbe #fortune #aboutlife

Monday focus 08/13/2018 There is a storm going on within your vicinity. Lots of opposition from a person, situation, issue, or thing. It is frustrating and down right petty. Do not give up! Hold onto your wits and rely on will power. The thing about this is that it comes from the internal. The outside is a reflection of what is going on inside of you. There is great news though! Once it is all done, you will leave behind a piece of you that no longer serves you or your purpose. Work on self first and watch how easily the clouds begin to dissipate #sontalk #monday #focus #oracle #wisdomoftheoracle #chaosandconflict #opposition #keepyourwits #thingsarepetty #relyonwillpower #youaretested #outsiderflectionofinside #workonself #willnotlastforever #leavebehind #whatdoesnotservesyou #namaste

If you lookin for these. 1st pic is Mililani Walmart and 2nd pic is Pearl City Walmart. Go get em! #leftbehind #leavebehind #forthenextcollector

Leave the wrong one and meet the right one with COFFEE MEET on 15th August @CP Meet and Mingle is here to help #weekend #saturday #thoughts #leavebehind #right #coffeemeet #meetyourpeople #likemindedpeople #delhi #singles #meetandmingle

About cremation.😬 Wait a minute, just read 👇🏽😆 ⠀ I studied Japanese for 4 years, of course communicating with the native speakers as I was working in Toyota Corp. Sou re va sou desu ne 🙏🏽 ⠀ This nationality have the unique worldview and mentality, proving once again that the world is just a collection of our ideas about it, formed under the influence of a certain environment.🇯🇵 ⠀ Japanese welcome a cult of ancestors. And urns with ashes of the relatives often stand on the shelves of their apartments.⚱️🏺 ⠀ In general, I like the idea of ​​cremation much more than burial.⚰️ Not for nothing in pagan times, the bodies of the dead were burnt and then floated down the river. ⠀ There is a much deeper meaning than can be assumed. They say, that this way the soul is much more easily freed from the attachment to the earthly existence and reaches the another world faster. And to separate from the physical body after burial takes at least a year. ⠀ And so me, not going to die in the next many-many years, anyway being thinking about how I prefer my soul to leave this world. Indeed, what to leave behind. And, since I'm a big fan of vintage, I'd like to be cremated, then my ashes would be placed somewhere near the gramophone and somebody would periodically spin my songs on vinyl records.💽 ⠀ In principle, this is enough to live with the thought that everything I do now is not in vain :) ⠀⠀ Are you for cremation, burial or who the hell cares?😁 ⠀ *i have no vinyls yet, but you can find my music (Union Grail) on: SoundCloud, YouTube, BandCamp, Spotify, amazon, iTunes, Apple Music. Enjoy! ⠀ Photo by @sigidintimur

Where is it you are going? Where do you hope to be? Photo of the Alexandra Bridge over the Fraser river in BC, just down the Hwy from Hell’s Gate, provides the pictorial reminder of bridging from where we are now to where we desire to be. Irony is that “no matter where we go, there you are”- Confucius. This morning I was journalling about who I am becoming and visualizing my future life with the awareness of the release (loss) of some aspects of my life and who I am presently. The essence of who I am remains, however, the good, the bad and the ugly. Making peace with all of me, my wholeness is necessary to move forward, baggage free and with greater ease. I can choose whether the transition is hellish or not by resisting what is or not. Being happy now or waiting until, to be happy. I believe in the solid foundation, the present, while I visualize where I am going. Walking the bridge unafraid between the know and unknown, because I know where I have been and who I am. I am taking “myself” with me, living the balance between what is now and feeling and desiring the future pull of my vision. Being happy with what is while I expect and trust what I am in the process of imagining. It isn’t about escaping, cos wherever you go, literally and figuratively, there you are. (Book title by Jon Kabat-Zinn). It’s about the journey, the process, not perfection and smelling the roses 🌹 along the way. I accept and celebrate the gifts I gained through my lived experiences to date and use that strength and courage to cross over to a newer state of being with appreciation and anticipation. What is crossing your mind this morning? Never forget just how miraculous and special you are, not for a moment! You deserve your heart’s desire always, in all ways. 💥Blessings.💕 #countyourblessings #loveyourself #bridges #bridgeovertroubledwater #becoming #leavebehind #release #acceptance #goodbadandugly #wartsandall #lifelikethat #confucius #jonkabatzinn #nomatterwherewego #thereyouare #guelphauthor #smelltheroses #bridgeovertroubledwater #gratitude #strength #courage #confidence #empowered