Ive heard so many people say "well what can we do" Its 99 % vs 1%. The power is in the people. We ignore it until we are all sick and dying in a couple years. We ignore it until all of our water and air is so contaminated, we can no longer grow food and need to rely on the goverment for food and water. Do your research. They dont care about you or me. Its about money, power and control. The information is out there, ignorance is a choice. #chemtrails #chemtrailspraying #geoengineering #wedonotconsent #wakeup #theyarekillingus #sayno #lookup #toronto #edmonton #vancouver #calgary #tdot #thesix #the6ix

Great skies #lookup

Morning 👋🏼🇫🇷

This was my quote in my high school year book, coming up on 20 yrs ago (holy moly I’m old🤭) I still get a gleam in my eye and butterflies in my tummy when I read this quote because dreaming can become a reality. If you would’ve asked me back then if I thought I would find such a passion in nutrition and wellness I would’ve laughed in your face after I took a long drawn out puff of my clove cigarette, yet here I am, proving my little punk rock angst filled self wrong🤣 Here I am working HARD to make my new dreams a reality, slow and steady, one small goal at a time. Soon, I will be working full time as a nutrition and wellness coach and bye bye working nights, hello making my own schedule and working from where ever I decide my office is. Maybe even start saving for that house I’ve been dreaming of, I know it’s only impossible if you aren’t working towards that the dream. Be a dreamer of dreams❤️

Thanks for the food. What's a great substitute for chicken? If you don't enjoy eating them. #lookup #challengeyourself #coachesrule

#Repost @these_arent_clouds • • • • • That is stunning 😍 it’s amazing what Mother Nature can do 💩🚮🤷🏼‍♂️ #geoengineering #fakeclouds #lookup #thesearentclouds #chemtrails

looking up 💡 this hotel has some of the best lighting ever 😍💛 ➡️ #lumieres #lookup #sanjuan #puertorico

(Pictures for week two were just released today so I can actually make this post now). The two weeks I spent at MDSC this year were some of the best of my life. The first week I was on staff for the first time as the medical assistant, which means I gave band-aids to everyone who played gaga ball, served silverware, and ran to and from the medic trailer all week long. However, it was a blessing to see all of the kids that week truly grow in their faith and make bonds with each other, as well as receive a reminder to be a Christian in action all the time every day all year long. Week 2 I was demoted to being a camper again, but that doesn't mean it wasn't fun. I got to see so many old friends and meet some new ones as well (even my doppelganger), and we all bonded so well over the week through pastor Pope's messages that almost always left us in tears after every chapel service. Just remember to Look Up and take in the beauty of God's creation and to spread love (the agent that gives life) to all those around you. I can't wait until camp next year and I love you all to life!!!! #christiansinaction #MEIDC!! #lookup #yellowaintnoquiters #redteamisstacked #lovetolife #masondixoncamp2018

I highly recommend taking a short lunch break in the park with your puppy dog. #mypark #froghollowreserve #park #beautifulday #iloveclouds #lookup #takeabreak #sunshine

sometimes victory is not triumphant. sometimes victory is more weariness, more questions with nothing but a soft whisper for comfort and a small faith that all will work out for our good. 🍃 #seasons #lookup