Happy it’s Friday.

Ocean wave. Mountain scape. Water reflection. All in one little leaf. 🍂

Just restocked the website with these #rosegold clutches ✨ featuring @bethanyandcamera and 📷 @janekort

Open, messy cabinets... covered countertops... filled bellies (for at least the next 5 minutes). //📷: @colleenwisniewski_

‘Morning Stretch’ original art by Catherine Rex #freethenipplemovement

After a lazy Saturday morning, I’m about to take my laptop to my fave local cafe, drink all the coffee and do a bit of work. I know it’s the weekend, but I’ve got so many ideas buzzing around in my head, I want to get them all out and into some sort of order. Plus I like sitting in cafes on my own, it’s one of my favourite things to do. I’m sure I’m not the only one? Photo from a previous lazy weekend morning at @berrysourdoughcafe in Berry. Did I mention that I’m really looking forward to coffee?

It's foggy and 5° outside and there's no where else I rather be right now... much more so when husband delivers coffee 🤗💏😍. . Wish to stay in bed longer but nope, can't ignore watching Laura's swimming progress (hubs said she can now swim under water for little more distance without assistance 😮) and work after. Happy Saturday! . #husbandmaterial #itsthelittlethings #morningslikethese #workfuel #coffeeinbed #coffeetime #styleinspo #weekendvibes #mumlife #wahmjoys #thatsdarling #bedroomgoals #bedroomstyle #myhome #minimal #motherhoodjoys #mamahood #whatimwearing #monochrome #interiordesignerslife #interiordesign #bedroomdecor #vscostyle #cupsinframe #coffeegram #canberralife #colourpalette #saturdayvibes #workfromhomelife #workfromanywhere

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We are here, walking hand in hand in and out of the house each morning, laughing, looking at the cows in the field, and sleeping in whenever possible, just enjoying our ten-day vacation. Nana’s house has been our home for the past five days. On Monday, we will be taking the road to the big city to be with our dearest friends, and hopefully, have some more fun while we’re at it. In the meantime, here is my sweet, one-year-old boy, possibly dreaming about the cows, the birds, and the field. #KyloJoven

Launch Day feels 😍. Today we're extra grateful after reflecting on what @starnesandco had to say about launching her event planning website with our Notorious Template for Showit! - “I am the kind of entrepreneur that dreams up ideas in the middle of the night and wakes up the next morning immediately ready to see them through to fruition. When I found Go Live, I was on the hunt for a quick turnaround time without having to compromise quality, and the Template I purchased went above and beyond my expectations. I can not say thank you enough and I am still in shock that I was able to do this on my own! Go Live has changed the game with these Templates and has found the perfect way to empower women by giving them all the tools they need to build their vision and watch it come to life! I'm #teamgolive all the way :) - We LOVE your new site @starnesandco 💕

Finally got my IG life together and made some story highlights! 🙌🏻💕 I actually watch stories way more than I look at posts these days - anyone else the same?! I can’t wait to fill em’ up and share all the things with you! Any topics I missed that you’d love to have me share about?! Let me know! ✨

sooooo surprise surprise i can’t seem to post regularly. idk guys, ig is just so draining for me? there are a lot of aspects that i love (simply bc of being an artist, in more ways than one) but there are a lot that i can’t stand. also, i just haven’t had ANY spare time lately! i find myself wanting to cherish my few moments of downtime wholly and completely, rather than removing myself from the scene in order to document it perfectly. who knows, it may just be for this busy season that i feel like this, and when i start school in the fall i’ll be eager to procrastinate by scrolling through insta once again. BUT FOR NOW — life is crazy, life is good☀️ gotta blast and happy start of summer!!!! . .. . .. . #aestheticfeed #blogger #vsco #reasontoroam #quietthechaos #waitingontheworld #forthecreative #liveunscripted #seekthesimplicity #thatslovely #abmhappylife #livinginsquares #vscoselfie #howyouglow #chasinglight #jessthemessss #morningslikethese #postitfortheaesthetic #dallasblogger #dallasphotographer #instadfw #dfwphotographer #fwlocals #darlingmagazine #chooselovely #makeitblissful #lovelysquares

Essa foto pode ter duas legendas possíveis: 1) Eu só tenho foto com comida e 2) Felicidade no sorriso de quem estava prestes a comer um McAlemanha. Obrigada aos envolvidos!

His favourite color and my favourite time of day. Golden hour is aptly named because it’s all sorts of magic. I love where we live so much this time of year. Spring, please don’t end. ✨🌳💕 #spring #toronto

Good morning it’s Sehri time for me and here I m reflecting upon lot of positive things. Me and my friend was discussing how do we define happiness? Deep thought right. Well, people define it by success, money, career or the materialistic things they have or they have achieved or they plan to achieve.Let’s go more deep. I m talking about the happiness you feel in your heart today. Not talking about past or future. What is important is present moment? Which, we at times forget to live because we are busy contemplating past or planning future. I realised that real happiness doesn’t comes from what we have or obtaining what we have, but rather from surrendering or letting go of our picture of how things should be? So often we drown ourselves in the waters which was sent to save us. Happiness lies in the form of gratitude of what we have to today. And I m sure we all have numbers of blessings we don’t even thank for. This discussion and the post from @quranquotesdaily was coincidental. Picked up some lines from them. Hence the courtesy. #myprettybride #myprettybridethoughts #morningmotivation #morningslikethese #morninginspiration