Happy birthday Your Excellency ma God bless your new age GodlyMother with humbled heart Greater Heights ni Oruko Jesu #MotherOfAllz #MotherInAfrika #Mothers #Mother #MotherInIsrael

✨W E E K L Y ✨ ✨A N G E L✨ M E S S A G E This weeks message comes from Archangel Metatron the Archangel of Chakra’s. His main area of support is Chakra clearing & support for sensitive people / children. Over the next two weeks as we move into Full Moon which will be a total Lunar Eclipse we will all experience increased emotional sensitivity. ✨If you are a spiritually sensitive soul be mindful of this & ensure you are energetically protecting yourself & your sensitive children. ✨Call on Archangel Metatron to support yourself & your children. For the sensitive empaths honour your feelings as they arise. Don’t force just flow. Full moons are generally a time of emotional upheaval add to the fact it is a rare Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Your Chakras filter emotional energy so be sure to apply the No.9 Chakra Perfume Body Oil to chakras to clear. For sensitive children diffuse No.9 Chakra by Archangel Metatron for emotional support & sensitivity. ✨Also in store we have Rachael White’s book the Founder of SOULSCENTED, Clairvoyant, Healer & Angel Intuitive. The book is titled ~I AM a Soul Champion; How to live a spiritually guided life through Manifestation, Intuition,Positivity & Archangel Aromatherapy. ✨You will find a powerful daily spiritual protection ritual to do for yourself & loved ones during this time of heightened emotional sensitivity. ✨Available online & in-store at ⚖️SOULSCENTED-Apothecary & Spa 569 Burwood ,Hawthorn ✨Visit with us. ✨

6 generations of daughters- Eliza; Meddy; Nora; Wendy; Heather & Heidi and Eluned I can't begin to say how much I love these women xx Fabulous strong women #womenofstrength #women #familyties #generations #maternal #mothers #mothersanddaughters #grandmothers #fabulous

Taken after a longggg (but beautiful) day n a few glasses of wine in.😍😍😂😂 We have been blessed to have these beautiful Queens as our Mothers!!! For twenty.... years (we won’t reveal how old we are 😉😂😂😂) these Queens have lead,taught and instilled in us everything they knew. The roles have reversed and they have allowed/embraced our lead during this healing process. 1 of the joys of going through this journey (spiritual path), is the fact that we have our mothers right on board with us. Thank u for the support, knowledge, love and for believing in us (even when we didn’t believe in ourselves. We love u guys beyond words and couldn’t imagine going through this without u 2.. 💜💜💜💜😘😘😘😘. #divineloves #ourloves

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Great Pilates session with great lighting I’m adding Pilates back into my life for a different type of ab and glutes workout. It’s bloody hard but I always feel amazing after it 💪🏽. #selfie #pilates #glutes #mondaymotivation


This kid 😂 #edenandmamma

** NEW ** vlog is up! Mayberry Moms are visiting a local garden! 🌳🌻 Here's the vlog --->