Magic lies in new beginnings!💫 And here's to one such beginning!😊 Congratulations to Rtr.Praveen Kumar on becoming the President of RACPSGCAS for the year 2018-19.🎊💐 @praveen_u.inc1 #newyearnewstart #racpsgcas

Omg! Isn’t he a big puppy. Nico is going to be 12 weeks tomorrow. He is the only puppy we kept, he us going to live with my son when he moves to his new apartment. He is deaf, he still have to take him to the vet, but we are pretty sure he is😞. Does anyone know anything about certifying a service dog?

Been working on preparing for my upcoming kindergarten babies this afternoon and I have the best little helper! #newyearnewstart #kindergartenlife #mickeymouseeverything #lukewilliam💙

My go to makeup for this summer! B.B. cream SPF finish powder Liner (if you want to)😊 Hottie lip plumper 💄 Epic mascara 👀 Splurge 😍

It took me 25 minutes and I work my entire body 😰😨😱. It was challenging but so worth it!

Reading my devotional, drinking my coffee and been grateful. Hoping and praying that your Monday goes amazing.

Cleaning my kitchen and drinking my tea, which one is your favorite night tea?

Silly me I put on makeup to just pick up my son from work today. Got to love my hottie lip plumper 💄👄💋❤️

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