This week Ontario's Premiere Doug Ford announced that when students return to school in September, they will be taught the old sex-education curriculum rather then the modernized one introduced by Kathleen Wynne's Liberal Party in 2015. This decision by Doug Ford, Education Minister Lisa Thompson and the newly elected Progressive Conservative majority government is nothing short of a disgrace. The curriculum that our so-called "leaders" are reverting back to is from 1998. Which means that not only will Ontario students no longer be taught about sam-sex relationship, there will be no discussion about consent, gender identity, gender-based violence, sexual harassment, homophobia, sexting, cyberbullying and online predators. Putting aside my personal sadness that one day a future child of mine could be sitting in a classroom and wonder why his parent's relationship isn't talked about publicly, I am far more disturbed by the child who will grow up not being taught about the many different colours across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. #EDUCATIONMATTERS. Hate, violence, ignorance and discrimination only flourish where inclusivity and differences are ignored and pushed to the shadows. Ontario students and families deserve better. . . . . . #dougford #LisaThompson #regression #middleages #sexed #education #ignorance #pcparty #ontariopoli #canada #yourstodiscover #ontario #fordnation #pc #shameful #teachscience #onpoli #supportsexed #onsexed #madasf #sexed #sexeducation #sexedmatters #family #children #kidsmatter #markitproud #lgbtq #loveislove #lovewins

It’s criminal to deprive our children of education and knowledge. It’s even more criminal doing it while knowing that their ignorance could easily turn to hate as they grow. Here are some of the topics that our kids will no longer learn about: - Consent - Online bullying and sexting - Same-sex marriage - Gender identity - Masturbation #shameful #teachscience #onpoli #supportsexed #onsexed #madasf #sexed #sexeducation #sexedmatters #dougford #family #children #kidsmatter

In light of the recent roll-back of the ON sex education curriculum, we want to express our support for a consent-based, inclusive, and progressive sex education. A responsible and logical education system will provide youth with vital information about healthy relationships, consent, sexuality and gender identity, bodily autonomy, and how to navigate all of this in the digital age. • We also stand in solidarity with the Indigenous community, in upset over the cancellation of the curriculum writing sessions that were designed to fulfill findings of the Truth and Reconciliation commission (TRC). Canada must be transparent about its history and fulfill the Calls to Action outlined in the TRC, and most importantly, this needs to be done in collaboration with Indigenous partners. • Despite setbacks, we must to continue our work toward an equitable and violence-free world. We must take this frustration and channel it toward positive action. In the words of Sonia Johnson, “we must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history”.

I’ve written a couple of blog posts in the form of letters that people can send Doug Ford, Minister of Education Lisa Thompson, and their local MPP about saving the sex ed curriculum. Link in my bio to the latest one. The other is in the previous blog post. #sexed #onpoli #ONSexEd #SupportSexEd #sexeducation #sexeducationmatters

That truck behind me has condoms. And I'm holding a kid. Checkmate Alanis Morrisette. Ontario SexEd video out later this week! #onsexed #batman

This might seem like a regular pic of me, but there's a condom on my left ear. #batman #onsexed #condom

This is a copy of the new Ontario physical and health education curriculum for Grades 1-8, which clocks in at 239 pages. To put it in perspective, the old 1998 curriculum was 40 pages. Teachers are given far more prompts and examples to get conversations started. #ONSexEd