📺You found money to pay your cable bill 👠You found money to buy those new shoes 🍽You found money to go out to eat 🏝You found money to go on vacation 📽You found money to see that new movie 💄You found money to purchase new makeup 🍻You found money to go out with friends I promise the majority of those things listed above cost more than $35👌🏼 But you can't find the money to start changing your life little by little 🤔 Or what about repairing your credit? Is it really that you 'can't'? Or that you choose not to? #Priorities #investinyou If money is tight now, money will always be tight until you make a change... 🙅🏼 Where there's a will, there's a way 👌🏻 Come to my table, it's plentiful! #infinityfeeding

Kiss your cluttered cabinet of cleaners goodbye (how's that for some alliteration?? 😉) If I'm being honest, this was actually the hardest transition for me to make because all along, I thought the brands I was buying were 'the best' but really I had just been severely misled - we all have. For too long. The FDA just recently confirmed that formaldehyde is present in the majority of all household cleaners, skin care & beauty products, baby shampoos & sadly the list goes on. Harsh ingredients like that are not necessary to keep a clean home, and enough is enough. forward to today, and this one little bottle of cleaner is the ONLY thing under our sink. We literally use it for everything, and it has eliminated the need for 10 different cleaners, we don't require as many trips to the store ( I don't even need anything from the cleaning aisle when we do go our shopping & it's AWESOME!!), the kids can help clean without me worrying, but nothing beats the peace of mind I get from knowing our health isn't being compromised so that our house can be clean! Mamas -- getchu some Thieves!! 🙌

Things I need to do... see every type of doctor... and go thrift shopping guess I’m going to the thrift store on Monday #priorities also! Find more books to add to THE ONLINE BOOK CLUB THATS HAPPENING WITH OR WITHOUT YOU!!! So I’m thinking I’ll post a new book and if y’all wanna join feel free! And then we can talk about it like the characters are our real mutual friends because in my head they really truly are!! Happy Saturday allll 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🤓

On the phone with @tbird_3416 talking about fishing when this absolute BABE asks to take a selfie with me🔥 #multitasking #priorities

•••••••••••••••• MEALPREP ••••••••••••••••• #latergram de mon repas de ce midi : #tomate , #salade , #rizlentilles , #hachevegetal (@mybestveggie ❤). Tout ce qu'il me faut pour repartir en forme ! #lacle c'est l'organisation 😝 Je prépare une portion de féculents qui me fait 3-4 jours et comme c'est l'été, je reste simple au niveau de l'élaboration du plat en lui-même 😊 #toutlemonde peut le faire ! 💪 Je dois dire que c'est une priorité pour moi dans le sens où j'aime savoir ce que je mange, j'aime manger sain, et j'aime économiser ! Mes projets sont là, et hors de questions de dépenser pour un sandwich riche en gluten #teamnogluten 😕 #rebelotte au goûter, je prépare tout, par exemple un fruit et un banabread que je cuisine et qui me dure 4-5 jours #simple 🤗 #etvous faites-vous vos plats maisons en tout temps ? 🏵 #latergram #lunchpack #atworktoday #timeorganization #mealprepdaily #homemadefood #healthyfood #fitfood #fitgirlife #motivation #economie #priorities #simpleme #veggiefood #mybestveggie #lidl

Sweating like a 🐷 for that 🍑

Lately I’m running in a million different directions. Coaching kids, coaching adults, starting new ventures, answering client messages, taking count on meals for the week, wearing every hat. I LOVE IT! I wouldn’t change the hustle of this game for the world! And then a tiny face says “Mom, can we pleaseeeeee have some girl time?!” And the answer is, without hesitation, yes. Did I get to train today? Nope. Truth is, keeping all the plates spinning in the air is a challenge. But this is one I will never let fall. You make time for what matters most. ❤️Shopping, ice cream (for her 🙄), photo booth, laughing. #todaywasagoodday #daughters #family #priorities

Was going to put a roof on the house today but decided we needed a jetski more. #priorities #lakelife

Learn how to control where your attention goes and value what you give your time and energy to. . If something’s not serving you, it’s gotta go. People and things. Remember, vibe attracts tribe. . This is tough to swallow at times, and even tougher to take action on. I get it. I do. But so often, the doing (i.e. letting go) is so much scarier/stressful in our head than it turns out to be IRL. #realtalk Like, how often have you built something up in your head to be way bigger than it actually is, or even something it’s not? 🙋🏻‍♀️ lol . But when all is said and done and you let out a huge sigh of relief... feel free, like a huge weight’s been lifted from your shoulders, that’s how you know ‘it’ was the right choice for you in that moment or season of life. . Negativity is an energy suck. It takes up space, which is precious and finite. Space that could be filled with positivity and more of that which fills you up. . Does this resonate with you? How are you choosing to fill your ‘space?’ Let me know in the comments and/or tag someone who needs to see this today!👇🏻 . #powerofpositivity #energymanagement #relationships #levelupyourlife

He’s a bit cheesed off cos we’re having a late walk tonight... I’d like to say we’re waiting for it to cool down, but no, we’re actually watching the Minions film! #priorities #sadhound #kevinrules #minions

Bloated AF from binge eating deep dish pizzas and hot dogs, but I only packed crop tops 😂🙈🤷🏼‍♀️ • • • • Clearly, I prioritize eating over photos. • • • • #priorities #chicagotheatre #touristattraction #visitchicago #feedme #caloriesdontcount #girlswhotravel #girlsthatwander #influencersalliance #prettylittleiiinspo #blondesandcookies

Day 4 is LIIFT 50/50, Legs Aden’s Cardio. My favorite was Round 3 - glute bridges and calf raises. My least favorite was Cardio - high knees, jumping fire hydrants, and squat jumping jacks😱. I had to pause and I had to modify, but I pushed my hardest and got it done. I may have had to say a few prayers🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼, but I didn’t give up!

First things first😍 #soccer⚽️ #momduties #priorities