You have to overcome your old habits to be able to change and grow and reach your goals! #changeyourlife #oldhabits #reachyourgoal #motivation #succrss #nostress #coaching #abetterinsight

Where will this path lead me? What will I find around the bend? Do you ever find yourself so caught up in what is to come that you don’t see what’s happening right in front of you? I wasted years of my LIFE like this! Now I’m taking every opportunity that I have to live in the present and enjoy every moment that I can. This was definitely one of those moments 😊. . . #motivation💪 #reachyourgoal #couragetochange #outdoorbeauty #healthylivingrevolution #beautyinsideandout

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Sam : même les ténèbres doivent passer. Un jour nouveau viendra et, lorsque le soleil brillera, il n'en sera que plus éclatant. C'était ces histoires dont on se souvenait et qui signifiaient tellement même lorsqu'on était trop petit pour comprendre. Et je crois, monsieur Frodon, que je comprends. Je sais maintenant. Les personnages de ces histoires avaient trente-six occasions de se retourner mais ils ne le faisaient pas, ils continuaient leur route parce qu'ils avaient foi en quelque chose. Frodon : En quoi avons-nous foi, Sam ? Sam : Il y a du bon en ce monde, monsieur Frodon, et il faut se battre pour cela. 🔥 (Seigneur des anneaux - les deux tours)

People ask till this day if I’m alright about everything . Just always remember everybody,don’t ever let anything bring you down. If it wasn’t your fault you should love yourself even more and feel like you’ve passed a big exam. What do you do when you pass a big test ? You go out and celebrate life and feel successful ( Be happy) shit I’m not the one who took a loss if anything I just proved many points 😜⭐️ I love life now and I’m enjoying it without anybody having to be over my shoulder . Fuck being insecure I’m working hard securing the bag🤘🏻people can criticize and say whatever they want but at the end of the day it’s always internet bullshit and people have nothing else to do but create stories to make their life’s more interesting lol IM “REAL” HAPPY WHILE YALL INTERNET HAPPY‼️🤘🏻 #reallifestory #higherprofitclothing #commonsense #reachyourgoal

I wanted to share some of the key ingredients and benefits of our new Age IQ™ Night Cream because I keep getting asked how it’s different from Nerium Ad. I love both and I LOVE the scent of Nerium Ad and I will continue to use it forever. For those who want an unscented version we now have Age IQ!! The Age IQ™ Night Cream features the following ingredients: • Proprietary TC-Armour™ complex which includes Trehalose, Glycerin, and Chia seed extract to help remove urban pollutants and toxins and keep your skin in a healthy state • Patented SIG-1273® known to combat the look of fine lines and wrinkles • Exclusive botanically-based SAL-14™ antioxidant blend composed of bidens pilosa and mauritia flexuosa fruit oil to help address the current signs of aging. • Peony root extract which helps restore plumping Key Benefits of the Age IQ™ Night Cream - based on an 8-week independently conducted clinical trial. • 100% of participants had significantly smoother skin texture • 97% of participants had significantly healthier-looking skin • 94% of participants had significantly improved skin clarity/brightness • 91% of participants had significantly improved skin firmness and elasticity I will be sending one day samples this week for people so want to FEEL it. If you want in my list, message me .

. Happy Monday! Winston Churchill says: ‘’Success is not final, Failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.’’ I LOOOOVVVVEEEE IT 💓💗💞 Do you see how powerful this is? Do you see how it means that we should set a new goal each time we reach one? Do you see how it gives you the chance to put your attention not on the results but on the journey? You might wonder: Why would I do that ?🤔 Because you have no control on the result! The only thing you have control on is how you choose to experiment your journey, the way you react to it, play with it and do it!!! Celebrate, be grateful and be conscious of how powerful you are! You made it till can make it further!🙏 . . #amelielessardcoaching #true #life #mindset #blessed #inspiration #passion #love #lovewhoyouare #knowyourself #beyourself #beproud #reachyourgoal #focus #knowyourpower #healthylife #healthylifestyle #montreal #transformation #beautiful #enjoylife #justdoit #loveyourself #enjoy #mindbodysoul #mind #empoweringwomen #lifejourney #businessandlifestylecoach

Don’t Stop Me Now!!! I Need To Keep Going ... ✈️💥🌍 #wastingtimeisforloser

Du hast einen Traum? Zum Beispiel einfach mal gemütlich um die Welt zu düsen? Wieso ist das unabhängige Reisen mit dem Haus auf Rädern eigentlich so beliebt? Aber egal was es ist, tu was dafür! 🚐 #MontagsMotiviert #ReachYourGoal #Vermögensberatung