I have some pretty great people on my side! @curtisp612 #masters #malm #seminary

Registro de evento - Seminário Internacional de Dança #seminary #dancebrasil #classicballet #turn #seminariodancabrasilia #centrodancabrasilia

Off for a week of seminary residency. First to Williamsport and then to Toronto. I love learning and I love getting to spend time with these men and women! #mamlc #rainraingoaway #drz400sm #seminary #fpu

A big thanks from the Diocese of Winona-Rochester Office of Vocations to all who stopped by our booth this weekend! We had a great time at #SteubieRoch and hope that you’ll continue to pray for vocations for our Diocese. #Seminarians #Bishops #Catholic #Steubenville #SteubieRoch #DOWVocations #Vocations #Seminary

According to the Russian Primary Chronicle, the pagan Prince Vladimir of Kiev sent emissaries to Constantinople. Upon their return, they said of the liturgy in Hagia Sophia: “On earth there is no such splendor or such beauty, and we are at a loss how to describe it. We only know that God dwells there among men, and their service is fairer than the ceremonies of other nations. For we cannot forget that beauty.” Happy feast of St. Vladimir! Image: icon of St. Vladimir by SVOTS alum Fr. Andrew Tregubov #stvladimir #святойвладимир #princevladimir #kiev #kievenrus #stvlads #svots #svotslife #feastday #feast #patronalfeast #orthodoxchurch #orthodoxchurchinamerica #seminary #missions #evangelism #спраздником #sprazdnikom #happyfeast #icon #orthodoxicon #sacredart #sacredarts @svots @svotspresident @svspress

Ahora encuentra tu nunero en todos los kioskos de Mexico!!!! 🇲🇽 Walmart; EB; Comercial Mexicana; La comer; Samborms. Años trabajando para Muscular Development en Español @mdlatino. Orgulloso de ayudar a las personas compartiendo mi experiencia y haciendo que la informacion no sea un privilegio si no un derecho. Feliz de que dios me ponga en el camino de la enseñanza y crecimiento intelectual. Dando seminarios por todo el mundo y conociendo diferentes culturas. Entrenando y promobiendo tanto a atletas como a personas normales. Aumentando la salud y promobiendo la imagen de un estilo de vida sano. @mdlatino @musculosdemexico Years working for Muscular Development in Spanish. Proud of helping people by sharing my experience and making information not a privilege but a right. Happy that God put me on the path of teaching and intellectual growth. Giving seminars around the world and knowing different cultures. Training and promoting both athletes and normal people. Increasing health and promoting the image of a healthy lifestyle. ¿ Quieres organizar un seminario y campamento de entrenamiento en tu ciudad?? Sientete libre de pedir mas informacion Que la informacion no sea un privilegio si no un derecho de todos Suscribete a mi canal de videos y aprende mas en SIÉNTETE LIBRE DE PEDIR MAS INFORMACION ACERCA DEL ASESORAMIENTO ON LINE Y PRESENCIAL Y ENCUENTRAME EN LOS PRÓXIMOS SEMINARIOS “NUNCA TE DES POR VENCIDO”. A todos los inscritos y que viajáis para asistir muchas gracias por vuestro esfuerzo!!! #RACEHORSESHighperformancetrainingstudio cooming soon!!! 🏇🏇🏇 #mdlatino #MDMEXICO #elconocimientoespoderbook #seminario #facetoface #gx8labs #seminarylife #seminary #irongeneration #ironrebeleurope #IronRebelAthlete #ironrebel #sport #bodybuilding #npc #HeatMX #FIBO #heatfestm #SMARTFIT #smartfit #smartfitmx #Walmart #EB #ComercialMexicana #Lacomer #Samborms

We’re so proud of our 2018 graduates! #westerngrad2018

After reading Barbara Brown Taylor all summer, I joined the buzz around her attending the 2014 @decaturbookfestival . I enjoyed hearing her speak and having the opportunity to talk with her. 😍 ✨ ✨ ✨ #mindfulness #mindful #MindfulLiving #mymindfuljourney #healing #journey #deephealing #deeplistening #deconstruction #seminary #theology #realCandler #yearone #BarbaraBrownTaylor #AltarintheWorld #LeavingChurch #LearningtoWalkintheDark #decaturbookfestival #decatur

Мощная штука🔥🔥👍🙏💪

The bishop spoke the traditional words as she placed her hands on the new deacon named M with just a slight difference from the way those words have always been spoken before. “Pour out your Holy Spirit upon M,” the bishop said. “Send them now to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, to announce the reign of God and to equip the church for ministry.” Not “send him now” or “send her now.” “Send them now.” That’s what M Barclay has been working for 12 years to finally hear. Barclay, a transgender person who identifies as neither male nor female and thus uses the pronoun “they,” was commissioned on Sunday as the first non-binary member of the clergy in the United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church is one of the largest denominations in America, falling behind only the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention. The mainline Protestant denomination has been bitterly divided over sexuality and gender identity: Its official rules say clergy must either be celibate or in heterosexual marriages, and can perform only such marriages, but American bishops have ordained gay and transgender clergy before, and clergy have conducted same-sex marriages. In the Northern Illinois Conference, where Barclay was commissioned Sunday, Bishop Sally Dyck said in a statement, “While M’s journey over the last few years has included gender identity, all of those who were commissioned or ordained on Sunday have been on some kind of journey that has brought them to new places of faith, life and relationships. Likewise, I hope the church will find itself at a new place in the near future when it comes to full inclusion.” It was a long journey before Barclay got the chance to be ordained. Raised in a conservative community in Pensacola, Fla., Barclay said they identified as a straight woman when deciding to enter ministry. As a young woman, Barclay enrolled at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Texas in 2005. A year or so of reading theology — feminist theology and queer theology included — helped Barclay realize that they weren’t straight after all. Barclay came out, initially as a lesbian woman. “I really struggled for the next year about whether (Cont’d 👇🏼)

🏫AKADEMI FARMASI INDONESIA YOGYAKARTA🏫 _Proudly Present_ *Seminar Nasional Farmasi 2018* 📌Tema : "Peran dan Tanggug Jawab Farmasis dalam Melaksanakan Tugas di Farmasi Klinis dan Komunitas" 📌Pembicara : 1. Dr. Faiq Bahfen, S.H., M.H. ( ketua umum PP Persatuan Ahli Farmasi Indonesia (PAFI) 2.Wimbuh Dumadi, S.Si., M.H., Apt. ( Ketua PD Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia D.I.Yogyakarta ) 3. Mariatul Qibtiyah,S.Si., Sp.FRS., Apt ( Apoteker RSUD Dr. Soetomo Surabaya ) 4. Novi Dwi R. M.Sc., Apt ( Ketua Asosiasi Apotek Indonesia D.I.Yogyakarta ) 📌Di Selenggarakan pada : Minggu, 5 Agustus 2018 ⏰ 07.00 - Selesai WIB 📍Balai Shinta Mandala Bhakti Wanitatama Yogyakarta 📌Fasilitas -Seminar Kit -Sertifikat ber-SKP -Snack & Makan Berat - Materi/Ilmu Pengetahuan 📌HTM *Reguler : -Apoteker/TTK : Rp. 100.000,- -Mahasiswa : Rp. 75.000,- *On The Spot -Apoteker/TTM : Rp. 130.000,- -Mahasiswa : Rp. 100.000,- 📌Pendaftaran : -Via Whatsapp Apoteker : 082166426851 (Nadia Rahmi) TTK & Mahasiswa : 088806875137 (Tirsa Firanita) -Dengan Format : Profesi_Nama lengkap+Gelar_instansi_No.HP + Bukti Transfer Terimakasih ❤ #seminary #seminarkesehatan #seminarkesehatan2018 #seminarkesehatanjogja #seminarafiyogyakarta #seminarkesehatannasional #seminarkesehatanindonesia #seminarkesehatanyogyakarta #seminarkesehatanterbaru #jogja #jogjaupdate #jogjaevent #jogjahitz #eventjogja


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