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Welcome to Demasque. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we are launching a new-era BDsM lifestyle magazine that aims to bring awareness and acceptance to the wider kinky community. A guide for newcomers, entertainment for active players and an all round resource for those who want to find out more. ⚪️ We have our first issue ready to print and will be starting a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the publication process. If we do not meet our target, we will exist online until we are able to afford to be printed and thus reach another type of curious kinkster who may or may not utilise social media or the web for their kink fix. ⚪️ Our official website and Kickstarter campaign will be going live this week, so stay tuned to find out more! ⚪️ We do look forward to interacting with you here - where we will be posting daily all about the safest and most fun practices, events, entertainment and awareness for our community. X

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"I’m a social worker so we’re all pretty crazy. Working there you have to be addicted to something or just crazy. We talk about sex and protection all the time. I work with HIV homeless populations. People are there a lot from unprotected sex. Yes, needles but mostly unprotected sex. - I preach safe sex all day yet I don’t practice it. The lesbian population, there is a much lower chance, but we're not exempt from STDs. I grew up in Catholic school and they didn’t teach us about anything. They didn’t teach us about gayness or STDs or anything. They only taught us abstinence which is completely stupid because people are going to have sex. It is human nature. You are going against human nature not to have sex. So I had to grow up and learn that the hard way. People have to talk about sex. - So I actually do ask, "Have you been screened?" Because the things I see at my job...believe me, I do ask. And some girls respond with, "What, do you think I’m dirty? I’m a slut?" No, that’s actually not what I’m saying. If you were in my job field and you’ve seen the things that I’ve seen, you would ask too. I can actually pull up my latest lab work from my doctor on my phone. And I have had some women who just didn’t talk to me after - either I didn’t see them or they walked out of the room or they said, "I’ll be right back" and they didn’t come back. "Have you been screened?" is a simple question and you should take care of their sexual health. A lot of people don’t and they don’t go to the doctor very often. People don’t ask questions like, "How many partners have you had?" whereas if you are in the social work field, you are more apt to ask people those questions or you’re more comfortable. Other people are like, "Oh you’re assuming I’m a slut and you’re assuming I’m dirty" because there is a lot of ignorance and stigma. But if those people really thought about their sexual health, that is actually a healthy question to ask. No one is going to take care of your sexual health but you, so you have to be your own advocate and ask those questions no matter how silly they might sound because at the end of the day, you’re putting yourself at risk."

As the world burns around us, taking time to recharge and connect with yourself & others is even more important. . Coffee, Kegels, & Conversation is an open, supportive space to to discuss meaningful topics with good company & good vibes. It's your monthly chance to disconnect, turn inwards, and root down. . Or as Rachel—one of our regulars, who had NEVER meditated before her first group!— puts it: . "Best $13 I spend each month 😉" . or link in profile . xo

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Being in the 'burbs has me feeling a bit like this (it's been less than 24 hours 😂 ). They're pretty to look at and fun to visit and I get to catch up with some old friends, but that's where my love ends.⠀ .⠀ That's not to say the suburbs are bad, they just aren't right for me.⠀ .⠀ The same can be said for your sexual desires.⠀ .⠀ With a handful of exceptions, no one's desires are wrong or bad. Because with sex there is NO NORMAL, just more or less common.⠀ .⠀ "Don't yuck my yum" is one of my only rules for events—and it's also an attendee favorite.⠀ .⠀ There's #freedominpleasure to be found when you stop comparing your desires to others and simply focus on what bring you and your pleasure. ⠀ .⠀ Fuck the shoulds.⠀ .⠀ xo

Hot date tonight? 🔥😏 Play it safe with @Sustain — they’re working to de-stigmatize sex + break taboos, all while making non-toxic condoms and sexual wellness products from fairly traded materials. Even better: 10% of profits go towards women’s healthcare organizations!

MOON CYCLE :: ~ menstrual ~ The menstrual cycle begins on the first day of bleeding, aka your “period” or the menstrual phase. A healthy period could last 3-7 days. During this time, progesterone levels plummet causing the uterine lining to shed through the cervix. Energy levels tend to be low during menstruation. Self-care and perhaps some solitude often support emotional stability during this time. Minimize your workload and try to keep the calendar clear of big social activities. Tend to yourself. Take a nap or a bath or both. Try a quiet walk alone in nature. A menstrual cycle that is synced with the lunar cycle will fall around the new moon, which is also a great time to turn inward, meditate, journal, and reflect. Try to keep physical activity to gentle movement, yoga, stretching, and walking. Nurture yourself, rest and restore, get a massage 💆🏻 ~ follicular ~ The follicular phase follows the menstrual phase and is called so because FSH, or Follicle Stimulating Hormone, is released by the pituitary gland which stimulates the follicles containing eggs in the ovaries to ripen. Testosterone and estrogen are on the rise during this phase boosting energy levels, mood, and brain function. These hormones may encourage confidence, libido, social desire, boldness, and assertiveness. Estrogen decreases appetite, and the combo with testosterone may make you feel like you can take on anything in the world 🙌🏾 Mental clarity is at a high, so this is a good time to work on new projects, brainstorm, make any big decisions you’ve been mulling over, gather with friends, and push your workouts. ~ ovulatory ~ Ovulation is the climax of what your reproductive organs have been working toward for the last 14 or so days. An egg is released by an ovarian follicle and will survive in the fallopian tube for 12-24 hours waiting for fertilization. Estrogen and testosterone are at peak levels, and your energy and libido will be at their highest. Continued in comments below 👇🏽 . . . 🎨: @duvetdays

Congrats to @kathylasagna for booking a Boudoir Bettie party! She's going to get a percentage of the night's sales in Pure Romance product for free 🎉 It's gonna be a fun night - Can't wait to party with you, dude!

Meet LAUREEN! 👋🏼✨Laureen HD is a YouTube content creator who takes the shame out of the loaded, misrepresented and taboo subject of living with an STI. After contracting herpes herself, Laureen realized that the majority of online resources available to process a diagnosis were either too medical, too dramatic, too dismissive and most importantly, not relatable. With funny and down to earth videos, Laureen uses her own experiences to tackle typical questions herpes positives battle with.👏🏼👏🏾👏🏻👏🏽👏🏿

🎥 @imtheph 👉 link in bio 👉 intervista nuda a @maxulivieri . 🇮🇹 L’intervista con Max è stata una bellissima chiacchierata in cui abbiamo parlato del suo progetto di assistenza sessuale per disabili LoveGiver, di come i disabili vivono o provano a vivere la sessualità e di un sacco di banalità, quelle che noi bipedi normodotati, assuefatti a una vita conformata a stereotipi di corpi e comportamenti standard, spesso ci dimentichiamo: i disabili pensano al sesso, fanno (o vorrebbero fare) sesso, guardano i porno e hanno fantasie sessuali. E non parlano solo di disabilità. . #iostoconmax . 🇬🇧 My interview with Max was a pleasant chat during which we talked about its project of sexual assistance for disabled, about how people with disabilities live or try to live their sexuality and a lot of trivialitis, those that we bipeds and able-bodied, who got used to the stereotypes of standard bodies and standard behaviours, tend to forget: disabled think about sex, have (or would like to have) sex, watch porn and have sexual fantasies. And don’t only talk about disability.. . #insearchofpleasure #sexblogger #interview #disability #disabilityawareness #raiseawareness #breakthestigma #nostigma #disabilità #sessualità #intervista #disabili #notaboo #disabled #visibility #bodyposi #disabletlife #hotpersoninawheelchair #disabledandcute #sexualhealth #sexualwellness #letstalkaboutsex #embraceyourself #liveyourbestlife #selfloveclub #freethebody #nakedisnormal #bodypositivity #skinnydipping