Dankie my liefie vir die pragtige blomme💛💞

My nephew isn’t much of a phone talker but we had a surprisingly long chat tonight. He was telling me what he does at rugby practise and I said I didn’t know what something is, he asked why not and I told him I don’t like watching rugby so don’t know much about it. He asked if when I visit if I would come and watch him play a game. I told him I would because even though I don’t like rugby much I like him very much 🤗. And I definitely would go watch him, what I didn’t tell him is that the season will be over when I next come anyway so i’m off the hook! Went and visited the teachers and children at the job I left three months ago this afternoon which was lovely too. And went into work for a bit, my classroom is so tidy and organised im sad that it’ll only be that way for about ten minutes Monday morning before it’s back to constructive chaos.

We are so excited that @sonypicturessg has released Hotel Transylvania 3! The 3rd sequel shows our favourite monster family embarking on a vacation at a luxurious cruise ship. Hmm...we cant wait to find out what dangerous secret did Ericka hide that could destroy all of monsterkind. I’m not telling :p If you are keen to find out, don’t forget to catch the movie in cinemas now :) . 🍿🍿🍿 Click link in bio to book your tickets :) Enjoy the show! . . . #sp #sonypicturessg #HotelTransylvania3MovieSG #MonsterVacation #boomerangvideo #boomerang

New @willow_bella Winter bows are launching soon! Scarlett is wearing the Charlotte bow in khaki corduroy 🌿

It feels a bit strange to be home. A few days into our second week in the Czech Republic many of us felt the mixed feelings of never wanting to come home while at the same time wanting to be home. I think that’s what happens when you connect so deeply with people with your heart. -- It’s hard to describe the kinship you find with fellow believers. To be a world apart, come together and so beautifully bond with one another in sharing the love of Jesus. I cherish these sweet friendships we make. -- I covered our return trip with prayers and watched the Lord place person after person in our path to keep us safe and on track in our travels. God is good. I know that even had things gone wrong I would still trust that God is sovereign. I’m so thankful that he blessed us with smooth travel mercies. -- Good night 💛

Pada juli keduapuluh Tak lupa kusertakan pelukmu yang gempita agar rindu yg kusengaja lebih rapi tertata Sebab Binar matamu yang serupa gebyar menenggelamkanku pada rindu yg nanar 💛 💛 Kenalannya pake aksara rasa ya kak heehee Salam kenal kakak @nina_linowati smoga smakin sukses izin ikutan y celengnya @cekrek.asyik #cekrekasyik #ca_caxkaintradisionalnina ojo diguyu y kakak2 jantig @debby_yao @shantyoct @kristanti.tanti

It’s taken Sophia years to become comfortable with dogs. After a nip from a scared rescue dog when she was tiny, she rightfully gave canines a wide birth. Dogs have been somewhat of a delightful mystery to her. She gravitates to their furry, sweet and loving energy, yet respects their space and rarely goes in close. Then she met Tosca... The giant Bernese cuddle machine. All bets are off. She’s completely head over heels in doggie love. #doglover #doggie #girlandherdog #sweetpicture #moment

Complex newborn posing is such an amazing art form, but for me the simpler the better. . I’ve just taken my first December booking, the rest of the year is going to be an exciting whirlwind! . . . . . . . . #newbornphotography #newbornphotographer #babiesofinstagram #newborn #newbornlifestyle #newbornphotography #newbornphotographer #babiesofinstagram #naturallight #newbornlifestyle #uniteinmotherhood #shared_joy #bestofmom #lightslove

Childhood is riding down hills on skateboards. They won’t remember that our yard wasn’t pretty, they will only remember the fun. My pregnancy hormones really hit me good today, I almost cried when I opened this parcel of clothing haha. So much cuteness and all so soft. The little baby things had me swooning.

From Glamping to Glamorous music festivals of Starlite in Marbella. My family loves to watch live music festivals. This year we took Kai for the first time to see Sting in concert accompanied by the reggae bits of Shaggy. I paired an old fav dress (I’ve a few which I reuse in the last 10years) with an old pair of kitten heels. My husband is a good example when it comes to minimalistic wardrobe he has one pair of shoes for each occasion & old clothes which are reused too. The hardest I’d say are children because they grow fast but there are plenty of secondhand shops around, i take hand me downs from friends, or if your a maker like me make your kids clothes OR if you know of a maker ask kindly to make it for you. I have now resorted to making kids clothes for my friends which I love to do!!!! . . #makersofinstagram #myhonestmotherhood #mumswhostyle #reuse #rewear #motherhoodlens #sustainablefashion #momentsofmine #gratefullheart #sustainablelifestyle #mumswithcameras #mumswhosew #sewistofinstagram #inspireinstagram #shared_joy #starlite #lifesamama #instamama #instastyle #starlitemarbella #storytellingmama #motherhoodinspired #myhonestmotherhood #mynameismama #summertime #momentsofmine

Peace & Quiet ✨ A place for peace & quiet (& some gluten free delights) Have you found a lunch time escape? • #buranocafe #brissi #houseofbrissi #igcafe #igersbath

Yay to Friday! To get you in proper Friday mood, swipe ➡️ to see another beautiful sunset color picture! • It is going to be the last sunset photo for this trip, but we will travel soon again, promise! • How do you take your pictures - with your phone or with a camera? • • • #weekendmood #sunsetismyfavouritecolour #beachbreak #sunset #sunsetbeach #amazingday #alittlelovelystuff #embraceeverydayjoyfully #nothingisordinary #shared_joy #pursuepretty #beautifulmatters #explorerbabes #exploremore #wearetravelgirls #prettylittletrips #living_europe #shewhowanders #moments_of_mom #therealinstamoms #dearphotographer #iamtraveler

Un rinoceronte depresso. Oggi mi hanno lasciato a casa, niente spiaggia, niente sole, niente relax. I rinoceronti no, non si lasciano a casa da soli così ☹️ #leavventuredirino #rinoceronte #lawyer #peluches #rinoceronte #peluche #love #toys #like4likes #like4like #photooftheday #instalike #photography #instagood #followme #followforfollow #shared_joy #liveauthentic #sharethelove

“Always wear a smile because your smile is a reason for many others to smile” love this little quote and what a great reason to smile, for my boys... 😃