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On the way to Nashville, I stopped by this beautiful European-style coffee shop in Chattanooga. Stayed for a good hour with coffee and peace of mind. ☕️ // #BLinNashville


Our week away was heavenly (with the exception of yesterday's drive home from hell, of course). Lazy mornings, diner coffee, a day in Legoland, overly expensive room service wine, a portrait session on the beach, drinking whiskey at a dive bar with my parents and grandpa. So much good stuff packed into four days. Now back to reality tomorrow to shoot a beautiful sunset wedding! • So much to share but for now, this handful of my favorite vacation shots.

hiking honey 🍯


// I do not care what comes after; I have seen the dragons on the wind of the morning // Thinking it might be time for a bit of an Ursula Le Guin re-read, starting with my fav A Wizard of Earthsea 🧙‍♂️📖 Looking for good fantasy recommendations, so shout out if you have any please and thank you✌🏻(or any book recs really)

Can’t wait to crawl into this bed, into crisp new @yourhomestead sheets, and not read (because I’ll be watching Netflix). The first day of Summer break, and I’m already in the zone- the very chill, no fomo, going to take it day by day (hour by hour) zone. (My entire summer game plan for my kids and me, presently, is popsicles but I’m open to suggestions)

Clean water is giving school teachers like Lucy in Tanzania more time to focus on educating the children of the future. Your donations are making this happen!

Hello weekend and the unofficial start of summer! We are headed to a National Park in California this weekend (but not this one). It’s one of the lesser-visited parks, an I’m looking forward to going off the grid and adding a new park to my list. Any guesses which one it is? . . . . #illuminateclasses #takeyourkidseverywhere #tellon #travelmadfam

Probably similar to the other Detroit.

The music festival that’s 1/3 food fanatics, 1/3 wine lovers, and 1/3 music... I’ve found my people 😍

Sorry for being such a dork and forgetting to post on here! Life has been a little busy, which is good! Here’s @thejezabels at @reefboise