Ontario Premier, Doug Ford has changed the sex education plan and replaced it with one from 20 years ago just because he doesn’t believe in educators teaching children about LGBTQ+ and the meaning of consent. The problem is the fact that all children deserve to learn about LGBTQ+ and consent because it is important to our society. We believe that if we support the LGBTQ+ community that alone is making a change. We hope to inspire you to make a difference in our World 🌍 We hope to inspire You to be CHANGE MAKERS 🌎 #wethechange #changemakers #wemovement #makeadifference #bethechange

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"Sometimes questions are more important than answers."—Nancy Willard #MondayMotivation #OpenMind #WeTheChange #AlwaysLearning #LifeWork

Today is Meme Monday! 🤗✨ On Meme Monday we will post a meme that still demonstrates love towards the world! We hope to inspire You to make a difference in our World 🌍 We hope to inspire you to be CHANGE MAKERS🌍 #wethechange #changemakers #wemovement #makeadifference #bethechange

A tale of two halves.... A lovely early morning walk in one of our favourite woods, with lots of frolicking in the stream (for both of us) which, thank goodness, is still flowing. Drove home into our teeny village to be greeted by a ton of waste dumped by a group trip to Brighton Sealife Centre. This group clearly mistook a spotless verdge by the church and kids park as a bin and toilet. What im most sad about is that this group contained children (you can tell from the litter) so therefore these kids have now learnt from example that dumping litter and using anywhere as a loo is a-ok. And it was mainly single use plastic, a lot of the bottles still sealed. Also sad that plenty of people probably walked right on past this today before i saw it at half 10. They are all totally complict in this problem too. Pretty speechless, and more than ever wanting to escape to a tiny island somewhere away from the human race. #2minutestreetclean #2minutecleanup #2minutelitterpick #keepbritaintidy #dumpedbymorons #pickedupbyme #leadbyexample #bepartofthesolution #livewithintegrity #thereisnoplanetb #ecowarrior #wethechange #plasticpollution #justgrabbits #dontbeatosser #lovewhereyoulive #literati #whatistheworldcomingtoo #rantover #imgoingtoescape #getbacktonature #notapeopleperson #hittheroadjack #thankgoodnessforcalmingwalkswithmygirl #sorryforthedoomandgloom #reallifeshitgoingdown #happymondayfolks

I was so pleased with the state of the beach this morning, this lot was obviously just dumped which is sad but generally the place was looking pretty ship shape ⭐️ always room for improvement but realistically our town of seaford is upping its game. Nice to see the huge improvement since the council is emptying bins twice a day to make sure they don’t get overloaded and pulled apart by the lovely seagulls and the beautiful foxes 🦊 #plasticfreejuly #2minutebeachclean #plasticproject #plasticpollution #ghostnet #ghostgear #fishingline #marineconservation #marineplastics #beachclean #litterpick #handmade #beachcombing #litterati #take3forthesea #justgrabbits #cleanoceans #surfersagainstsewage #repurpose #reuse #recycle #beachclean #beachcleaners #wethechange

Hello Change Makers! ✌🏻✌🏽✌🏿 This is Our very First Post on this account so, Hey! ❤️We believe in giving opportunity to all, and Standing Against Any Type Of Harassment, bigotry, discrimination or Inequality! ❤️ ✨We believe in Giving Healthcare, food, water and Shelter to people who need it! We hope to inspire You to make a difference in our World 🌍 We hope to inspire you to be CHANGE MAKERS🌍 #wethechange #changemakers #wemovement #makeadifference

My weekends use to be for sleeps and rest, but I have found a better way of maximising weekends #traveldiaries #travelholic #mjayupgraded #wethechange

Our next moderator for Be The Change 2.0: Bro Ahmad Zaid! 🤩 __ As a kid, he wanted to help the world like Batman! Now, he’s happy with the small changes he makes by helping others. He met a lot of inspiring people that contribute to the community back in his university days. With that, his passion lies on literacy for children, refugee support and youth empowerment. __ RSVP now, link in Bio for Be The Change 2.0! See you there! 👋🏻😊 #BTC2 #WeTheChange

Now, for our moderator, first up: Sis Yasmin Zaini! 🤩 __ A writer, loves to talk about faith and identity. Writing has always taught herself about her own being than anything else. Besides that, being a humanitarian activists, she had helped countries such as Rohingya, Syria and Yemen. She had started The Writeous Circle, an online anthology of God-conscious poems from all over the world recently. __ Just to add on, Sis Yasmin Zaini has prepared a special performance for BTC 2.0! 🤭 __ What are you waiting for? Sign up now! (Link in Bio) #BTC2 #WeTheChange

One of the activities for Be The Change 2.0 is Local Service Learning! 🙌🏻 From this activity, participant will have the chance to give back to the community, including helping the elderly with their daily routine. __ Let’s take part in this act of goodness together! 😁 Register now, seats are limited! 🤓 (Link in Bio) __ Details: . • Date: 4th - 5th August 2018 [2 days, 1 night] • Venue: Camp Challenge @ Sembawang • Age: 16 - 19 years old • Fees: $10 only! #BTC2 #WeTheChange

Move out of your head and into your body. #Saturday #SelfCare #WeTheChange #LifeWork

Mark your calendars! October 5th at HB Thom Theatre in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Cross continental Global women’s gathering for change....pushing your boundaries and facing your fears! Followed by a weekend where you will have more time to connect with like minded women, have the option to attend a Park Run, take a fitness class by a global fitness trainer, attend a cooking class, learn to make some unique African jewelry just to name a few....dress up for a special champagne dinner and then we wrap it up with a debrief session picnic on Sunday morning where we share our experiences and plan the steps forward, because the Amplify Africa travel program is so much more than just a travel program - there will be Zoom meetings every 2 months and webinars so we can all stay connected, mentor and network across the continents. The full itinerary and costs will be posted in a couple of weeks. #amplifyafricatravelprogram #womensummit #visitsouthafrica #pushingyourboundaries #stellenbosch #universityofstellenbosch #capetownsouthafrica #wethechange #bringubuntuback