My new favorite piece of art. “Crimson Rain” painted by my daughter as a gift for Father’s Day. Her first attempt at using the pallet knife...needless to say, I am blown away. • #mgsimmsbooks #art #abstractimpressionism #life #writersofig #writer #inspiration #acrylicpainting #family #love #novel #aspiringartist #amatureartist #fathersday #beautiful

• in the silent hours. . my new book, Into Oblivion, is now available worldwide! follow the link in my bio ✨

This Is My Truth..... I've never told anyone the truth behind why I ended my relationship with the person who I planned to spend forever with. The truth was filled with so much hurt and rejection that I feared losing myself if I had to verbalize it. So instead of trying to communicate my feelings, I created a reason to break things off. For over a year I've silently carried the sadness and heartbreak while he's moved on because he thought I didn't love him anymore. For the record though, I do, I always have, and I will never stop.

Miracles : . For several years I lost my beliefs in miracles. Whenever any