Part 32 "OHH OSMAN WHAT DID YOU DO!" oyuku said with her hand on her mouth , she carried osman her little brother "i... i am so sorry" she told emir and zeynep , oyuku also took osman's ball Emir looked angrily at her , oyuku looked at emir's hand , emir was holding zeynep's bra , her eyes widened and she turned giving them her back "i....i am so sorry really , i...i am an idiot" Emir smiled angrily "YOU CAN GO NOW" "I....i will send someone to fix it" "NO NEED" emir talked quickly Oyuku ran away quickly , emir looked at the broken window *.* At night Zeynep was reading a book "You and reading!!" Emir said surprised , zeynep smiled "Yeah i am trying to get used to it , but i can't , i am bored already" she closed the book "You should get used to the place zeynep" Zeynep rolled her eyes "i want to sleep" Emir smirked "the window is broken in the bedroom , if you don't want to die out of the cold you won't sleep in the bedroom" "Anyway i was planning to sleep on the couch" She told him asking him to leave the couch "well i was planning to do that too" emir smirked resting on the couch , zeynep was about to explode "Should i sleep on the ground now or what!!" "You can sleep next to me on the couch my little wife" Zeynep nodded her head "i am bitting people while sleeping" "Well my dear little vampire , i'd love to be bitten from you" Zeynep's cheeks turned to red , slowly she rested her body next to his body , emir hugged her body , zeynep looked at him confused "Don't look like that , if you fall down and hurt yourself we will go to the doctor , and you will put us both in danger" Zeynep closed her eyes and rested her head on his chest , a part of her hair was under emir's nose so he was inhaling her smell easily #fanfiction #zeymir #hazkaan #hazalfilizküçükköse #hazalfilizkucukkose #kaanurgancioglu #kaanurgancıoğlu #stories #story #love #read #passion